Spectrum Shock: Boston

Although the government and population of Boston are primarily human, they barely hold the majority with about 55% of the total. The remaining population is a cultural mishmash of dozens, perhaps hundreds of nonhuman races. Elves, dwarves, goblins, and ogres are the most common, but nearly any race can be found in the city, even the occasional dragon.

Through their trade with so many dimensional travelers, the citizens of Boston have access to technology even as high as PL 9. However, they don't produce anything more advanced than PL 5, so the truly high tech items one finds in Boston are never found in large numbers are are usually considered an oddity. However, what the citizens of Boston lack in technology, they more than make up for in magical might. With so many intelligent supernatural creatures passing through the city, rudimentary arcane knowledge is common even among the young.

Boston doesn't have much in the way of manufacturing, but their reputation as a dimensional marketplace keeps money flowing in and out of the city. Most citizens make a living either in the armed forces or in service professions, protecting the city or selling their services to the many merchants and shoppers who frequent the marketplace.

There are two distinct branches of the Boston military, the Boston Conventional Military (BCM) and the Boston Supernatural Military (BSM). As their names imply, he conventional branch consists of regular infantry and mechanized units, while the supernatural branch can bring all sorts of magical and psionic terrors to the field of battle.
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