Spectrum Shock: Campaign Log #1, Part One (with pics)

Spectrum Shock has been awesome so far! If you missed my last post (which RPG Bloggers Network didn't pick up for some reason), you may want to check it out by clicking here. In that post, I covered some unconventional rules we're using for the D20 Modern game and went into a little more detail about our terrain. Today, I'll cover what actually happened in-game... or at least the first part of the game. Matt and I didn't have to work Wednesday so we ended up meeting around 8 PM (which is fairly typical) and playing until close to 6 AM (about 8 hours past typical). None of us have played an RPG for so long at one time since I was in college, and I don't think Matt ever has. Needless to say, a lot happened, so I'm splitting this up into two posts (maybe three... we'll see how descriptive I get).

Note: It would be cool to be able to post pictures of us actually playing, but I wasn't thinking about the blog at the moment. Thus, all of the pictures you see here are actually recreations (reenactments?). That's why there aren't any people in the pictures. No plastic people were hurt in the making of this post, although some bit the dust during the actual events of Game Night.

As I explained earlier, we began the night with some modeling. Eric and Matt created their own miniatures using Warhammer 40K pieces. Of course, the first night they didn't get to use painted minis, but I'll take care of that before next week's Game Night. Here are the figures they assembled:

We kicked off the campaign with a fight just to get back in the swing of pre-4E D20 combat. The heroes witnessed a young girl near the river (played by a Lidda figure) with a giant crustacean beast (played by a chuul figure) sneaking up on her.

Although the monster did knock the girl unconscious before Alex and Korbynn put it down, a successful Treat Injury check saved her life. When her father arrived, he was grateful but could offer no reward. However, he did unintentionally offer advice through a side comment. "To have shown such heroism, it is amazing that Killian hasn't put you to work yet." It only took that slight nudge to get them to look back at the campaign handout and find Killian, who is tied to two of the four potential plot hooks on the handout (more info on Killian and his family can be found here).

The conversation with Killian was the real kick-start of the characters' adventuring careers, as there were several problems Killian needed help solving (finding a cure for his father and finding a missing group of hunters). The party decided to hunt down the hunters, who were heading to the Brewerton ruins. They never actually made it to the ruins. On the way, they battled a swarm of radroaches* and then had an interesting encounter with some orc savages and some super mutant orks.

First, I had to prepare the table. Up to this point, we were still using Dungeon Tiles. For the big orc & ork battle, I asked everyone to clear the table, rolled out the fake grass, and set up the scenery. My players had no idea it was coming. As they checked out the terrain, I started setting up orc savages in the forest.

"You hear gunshots off in the distance, then screams. A few moments later, a dozen or more orcs charge toward from the forest ahead. Roll initiative." The orc savages charged while the PCs picked off a few from a distance. However, the orcs were fleeing something even more terrifying, and charged right past the PCs. A pair of mutant orks appeared from the forest, gunning down the nearest savage. More fell between the gunfire of the orks and the party. When the last of the orc savages passed the PCs, the party found itself with a newer and tougher opponent, as two more orks appeared from the tree line.

The battle turned from a massacre of crudely armed savages to a run-and-gun shootout and finally a bloody melee. The PCs emerged victorious, but so badly injured that they had to return to town and rest before continuing their quest.

To be continued...

*If you didn't already know, I'm a huge Fallout fan... and finding the Rad-Roach entry in the D20 Apocalypse supplement made it impossible for me to leave them out of the campaign. 
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