Spectrum Shock: Campaign Log #1, Part Two (with pics)

After nearly dying at the hands of super mutant orks, the party returned to town to rest and resupply. They traded in the orks' gear for more equipment and then asked around town for information about the orks they fought. Unfortunately, few had any valuable information to provide. None of the townsfolk gave them anything more than what I already revealed here.

During their next foray into the wilderness, the party stumbled upon a cave entrance guarded by two shaggy beast-like humanoids. The beast men weren't hostile, but didn't speak a known language and made it obvious through body language that the characters were not welcome inside. In response, the party started to leave peacefully, but just when they were a few dozen yards away, Eric turned a lobbed a grenade at the beasts. One was nearly killed in the blast and the other took minor damage, but both died to gunshots before they posed much of a threat.

Exploring the cave proved much more deadly as the group found itself in an old sewer system. A fair amount of exploration took place before the party encountered anything at all, and this likely lured them into a false sense of safety. Suddenly, an undead horror rose up out of the muck and paralyzed Alex (Eric's character). It ignored the first few shots it took from Korbynn (Matt's character) as it chewed on its helpless victim, then turned and managed to paralyze him as well! Two rounds of helplessness followed as the horror chewed on them before Alex came out of it and was able to finish it off. Battered and barely conscious, they retreated to town again. With hopes of returning to the sewers at some future time, they decided to focus more intently on the task at hand: finding the hunting party.

Fortunately, their next expedition was a little more successful. The party stumbled upon a camp with four orks and two prisoners. After defeating the orks, the party was able to speak to the prisoners and learn that they were part of the missing hunting party. The others, apparently, were taken farther north...

Next time: Will the heroes be able to rescue the rest of the hunting party... or is it too late? Will they search for a cure for Old Starshine? Will they try to figure out why in the world a pair of beast men were guarding an undead-infested sewer entrance?
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