Spectrum Shock (D20 Modern/Future/Fantasy Campaign)

It isn't my intent to turn the blog into a wiki. However, I've tried the wiki thing before and I could never keep it updated because I'm too lazy to log in to two different sites (pathetic, I know). In any case, I do want an easy way to keep up with campaign info, so this is basically just an index for all of the campaign information that has appeared on the site thus far. I intend to keep this updated, but I can't make any guarantees (laziness and all, you know).

Campaign Setting Overview:
  • If Rifts and Fallout made a baby and they dressed it up in D20 clothes, its name would be Spectrum Shock. The goal is to create a multi-genre post-apocalyptic setting, with more fantasy than the Fallout series and more rules balance than Rifts. Hopefully these ideas will mesh together well and turn into the best campaign we've played thus far.
  • Why call it Spectrum Shock?
  • Campaign Setup (Pics)
  • The Big Picture
Books Available:
  • D20 Modern
  • D20 Apocalypse
  • D20 Cyberscape
  • D20 Future
  • D20 Future Tech
  • D20 Urban Arcana
  • Anything from D&D (3E or 3.5) with prior approval
Other Materials:
  • AT-43 Miniatures
  • D&D Miniatures
  • Warhammer 40K Miniatures
  • D&D Dungeon Tiles
  • Warhammer Terrain
  • Model Train Scenery
Significant Rules Modules and House Rules:
  • The Dodge feat grants a static +1 bonus to Defense (none of that "choose an opponent each round" mess). You lose it whenever you lose your Dex bonus.
  • Movement (when not using a grid) follows Warhammer 40K rules. In other words, we use a ruler. 1 inch = 5 feet. Easy to calculate. Difficult terrain affects movement the same as in Warhammer 40K.
  • "Purchasing" equipment follows the rules for bartering on page 23 of D20 Apocalypse. This will change when the party makes it out of the wasteland and encounters "real" civilization.
  • The first level class feature of the Field Officer advanced class has been replaced with the Leadership feat.
  • The mage and techno mage advanced classes now grant "+1 level of existing arcane spellcasting class" if the character had one. Otherwise, the class grants spellcasting ability as usual. The acolyte advanced class functions similarly, but replace "arcane" with "divine."
  • A character with the Favored Enemy class feature (or a similar feature by a different name) can choose organizations instead of creature types if he/she chooses, just as detailed in the 3E Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting.


Campaign Logs:
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