Spectrum Shock: Future Tech With Fantasy Figures

How's that for alliteration in a title?

Sorry... the English teacher in me got carried away... onward to the topic at hand. I've been scrounging around for fantasy miniatures that I can use for a futuristic setting and I've gotten a little discouraged. Sure, the monsters make great adversaries, but when I need to represent humanoids, what will I use? They can't all be carrying swords, can they? Of course not!

This figure is the one that triggered the light bulb.

Is that a magical staff he's carrying? Probably, but not anymore! I'm stealing a bit of technology from one of my favorite television shows, Stargate SG-1. That's not a magical staff... that's one of those laser staff weapons that the Jaffa use! If you haven't seen Stargate and want to see one of these weapons in action, check out this short clip:

Suddenly, I have a bit of technology that my players won't expect to see and a host of figures who already have the weapon. Ironically, the Cormyrean War Wizard even has a kewl metal hat sort of like the one Bra'tac wears. We'll say it functions like a laser rifle (3d8 damage, 80 ft. range increment) with the alternate weapon gadget (quarterstaff, 1d6 damage and can be used as a double weapon). This gives it a purchase DC of 24. However, because it is shaped so oddly for either weapon, I might require an exotic weapon proficiency for characters to use it effectively. We'll see how that goes. I guess it will depend on how lenient I feel when the players first find themselves in possession of one.

Tomorrow night, the Spectrum Shock campaign begins (a week earlier than anticipated). Let's hope the gaming experience is as fun as the creation process has been!
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