Spectrum Shock: Super Mutant Orks

Calling themselves orks, these beings have been terrorizing human settlements and harassing DC patrols for years. They attack with reckless abandon, killing and looting before retreating to the west. The few orks who have been captured have been questioned about the origins of their race, but such interrogations have revealed little. Apparently, even the orks don't know from whence they came. They freely admit that the ork name came from the pre-cataclysm literature of mankind rather than their homeland, and seem to have no history to speak of aside from a vague oral tradition of events that happened on Earth. Indeed, even the elves admit that these creatures are not true orcs even if they do bear some resemblance to the orcs of old.

Scholars argue over the origins of this aggressive race. Most agree that these beings are most likely descended from humans, although the agreements end there. Some say that the orks are the descendants of super soldiers that the American government was testing just before the cataclysm. Others say they are merely humans who were warped by a magical surge of energy or strong radiation. Still others claim that they are human slaves who are forced to undergo genetic mutations that warp their minds to such an extent that they don't remember their previous lives. The truth is unknown, and no one has proven brave enough to venture to their homeland to seek the answer. What is known is that such a journey would likely be disastrous, since the orks tend to make their lairs in areas where radiation is abundant and such locations are dangerous to humans even without having the orks to contend with.

Although there are many variations among these mutants, certain characteristics are common to nearly all of them. All orks have the following mutations:

  • Ability Decay (Intelligence)
  • Ability Decay (Wisdom)
  • Ability Decay (Charisma)
  • Unnatural Skin (Green)
  • Enlarged Form
  • Thick Hide
  • Radiation Resistance
Otherwise, orks are treated as humans as far as stats go. Orks gravitate toward the strong hero and tough hero classes, and their leaders often have levels in the soldier advanced class. They favor fighting with two weapons, often an archaic melee weapon in one hand and a gun in the other.

From left to right, we have an elite soldier, a chopper pilot, a grunt, a leader, and a heavy weapon specialist. Click on the name for stats.
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