Finally, My D20 Modern Superhero Dreams Come True

I've been searching for quite some time for a super hero supplement for D20 Modern. I wanted the system to be compatible with D20 Modern, so Mutants & Masterminds was out of the question. I also wanted characters created with the supplement to be at least somewhat balanced with characters made without it (which sounds odd for super heroes, but it's what I wanted).

After going through a ton of reviews of games like Four-Color to Fantasy and reading over free supplements like Phoenix, I finally settled on Supers20 by RPG Objects. Although this is a supplement for Modern20 (an alternate version of the D20 Modern rules), there is very little in the pdf that can't just be dropped into a standard D20 Modern game without alteration. I'm a bit mystified with the perks, but I might just ignore them... the feat-based power progression is simple (and cool) enough that I'll probably just use the parts I understand (about 95%) and ignore the rest.
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