Mini Painting... Steadily Improving...

Well, my painting has improved, but I'm still no expert. This is a soldier that will be on the field fighting for the BCM (Boston Conventional Military) in the Spectrum Shock campaign. He's also an eldar guardian from Warhammer 40K, for those in the know. In any case, here's some pics:

This is with just a base coat of gray and nothing else.
This is after painting the upper torso, helmet, and knee pads with light blue. There's also a wash of black over the legs, arms, and lower torso, but you can't see it because the sun had gone down more and the lighting is worse.
Finally, this shot is after touching up some of the blue and adding yellow to the gemstones.

Obviously, this is no masterpiece... but it will work. I still haven't decided what to do with the gun. Right now, there is nothing on it except the base coat. I'm thinking about painting it gloss black or a gun metal type of color. Any suggestions?
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