Spectrum Shock: Campaign Log #2 (with pics)

I've been putting this off for over two weeks now, but I need to get it down before I forget everything, so here goes...

After a short rest, the hunt for the ork kidnappers was underway once again. This time, the party pushed even further into ork territory in search of the missing hunting party. Instead of the hunting party, they stumbled upon an interesting scene... a group of orks surrounding the nest of a nasty-looking flying beast.

The characters entered the fight instead of remaining on the outskirts of the battle and a three-way combat ensued. A trio of the orks turned to attack the PCs while the wyvern made short work of their comrades, and as the battle neared its end, only Korbynn and the wyvern remained. Korbynn won the day, and hauled his unconscious friend Alex back to New Syracuse for healing.

Unfortunately, due to the complexity of the battle and the brevity of a mid-week week game night, little else was accomplished. However, before I cut this post short, I should show off the newly painted PC miniatures:

They certainly aren't professional jobs, but they look much better than the plain gray minis we used on the first night.

Next Time: The hunt for the missing (ork-captured) hunters continues!
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