Spectrum Shock: Campaign Log #3 (with pics)

Now, I'm finally catching up on campaign logs. This stuff actually happened this week!

Setting out in search of the missing hunting party once again, our heroes stumbled upon another battle in which they weren't immediately involved. This time, a power armored soldier and a robed figure wielding a strange staff that shot bursts of energy faced off from opposite sides of the battlefield. Instead of wading into the fray, the PCs sat this one out and waited for the battle to play its course. The power armored soldier won, and then turned to the PCs, demanding that they identify themselves.

After some explanations and identifications, the party learned the following:
  • This soldier was from Washington DC, on a reconaissance mission to investigate increased ork activity in the region
  • The robed figure was from Boston
  • People in DC consider the Bostonians traitors to humanity
  • They also consider much of the Bostonian equipment to be corrupted and tainted by evil
  • DC has plenty of doctors and is the most civilized place in the world
  • The closest ork base is actually not directly north, but northwest, in what remains of Oswego
After some negotiations, the party even convinced the soldier to accompany them... or was it that they convinced the soldier to let them accompany him? Either way, the three headed for Oswego. On the way, they came across a small ork outpost.
Alex (Eric's character) approached the outpost hoping to communicate, but realized that there was a language barrier that prevented any but the most rudimentary communication. When the PCs finally realized that the orks were motioning for Alex to toss his weapons aside and surrender, they opened fire, and the orks went down without too much of a fight.
Aside from the usual loot (ammo), the party found a crude map in the outpost, which I will post here before our next session.
Next Time: Will they manage to finally find the prisoners? Will the map lead them there? Will they figure out that getting DC doctors to help an elf might be more difficult than they thought?
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