A Simple Experience System

This is the new (and simple) experience system that I'm using for Spectrum Shock. It combines elements of the challenge rating system with the Rifts experience system, and could be used for any D20 Modern or D&D 3.X game.

Using this system, characters can gain experience from:
  • Successfully Using a Skill (25 xp, doesn't count for DM prompted Listen/Spot checks)
  • Good Idea (100 xp)
  • Avoiding Unnecessary Violence (200 xp)
  • Thinking Outside-the-Box Idea (500 xp)
  • Defeating an Opponent (CR x100 xp)

So I haven't completely gotten away from opponents having xp values based on their challenge rating, but this system is much easier to calculate. Also, this system encourages players to think outside of the box instead of just asking, "Is it close enough for me to shoot it?"
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