Character Clones and Replayability

I had something interesting happen over the last few weeks. On two occasions, I had a character death (technically, one was a cohort) and the player, rather than roll up a new character, wanted to just change the name on the character sheet instead. I couldn't believe it.

As a player, I'm always itching to try out new ideas and give new mechanics a spin. I guess that's why I'm so stuck on multiclassing... it lets me "cheat" in a sense and play multiple character types simultaneously by merging them together. Playing the same guy twice in a row gets boring to me. I guess that's why I DM so often... I never get "bogged down" with a single character for long.

In the end, I made them reroll stats and start over with new equipment, but there isn't anything that prevents them from choosing the same class, same feats, same alignment, etc. throughout the rest of the character creation process, so I let the rest go.

I guess I just don't understand. To me, a great deal of the creativity that accompanies an RPG is linked to character creation, and if you forfeit that, it seems like you might as well be playing a board game. On the other hand, a campaign is only fun when the players are having fun, so if that makes the game more fun for them, then it's okay with me. It just strikes me as... odd...

Anybody else see this in their campaigns? Is it more common than I thought?
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