Friday, August 21, 2009

Current 750 Eldar List, and Dream 750 Eldar List

I'm slowly working my way up to a 1500 point Eldar list, and although I'm technically about halfway there, some of the figures I'm currently using probably won't make the cut in the end. Because of this, I actually have about 1000 points worth of figures left to purchase. It will likely be a slow process. Here's the list as it stands right now:

Farseer (Eldritch Storm) 75

9x Dire Avengers (Exarch w/ additional shuriken catapult) 125
11x Guardians (Scatter Laser) and Warlock (Destructor, Singing Spear) 138

6x Fire Dragons (Exarch, Firepike) 116

Heavy Support
Falcon (Holo-Fields, Spirit Stones, Eldar Missile Launcher) 180
Wraithlord (Eldar Missile Launcher) 115

Total: 749

First of all, the fire dragons start out in the falcon and the farseer starts out with the dire avengers. The farseer + dire avengers unit works its way up the center of the board. The falcon is runs up one side of the board while the guardians and warlock follow the wraithlord up the other side. The heavy support units focus on anything that my smaller units can't kill. Everything else just plays opportunist the whole game, shooting or assaulting whatever is most convenient at the time.

*Yes, I know that "Tactica" seems to be the most commonly accepted term among Warhammer players, but it just sounds dumb to me. On my site, we'll go with "tactics."

If I hadn't purchased a large lot of Eldar models from eBay, I would likely still be playing 500 points rather than 750. However, I happened to get a great deal (even if I didn't want all of the models I received), so here I am. If I had 750 points worth of whatever units I wanted, I'd be running something more like this:

Farseer (Eldritch Storm) 75

9x Dire Avengers 108
10x Dire Avengers 120

5x Fire Dragons 80
5x Striking Scorpions (Exarch w/ chainsabres, Shadowstrike) 117

Heavy Support
Falcon (Eldar Missile Launcher) 135
Fire Prism 115

Total: 750

Ideally, I'd like to infiltrate the scorpions close to a juicy target. Otherwise, the tactics would be similar to my current list, except that the fire prism doesn't need to stay close to any of the infantry in the same way that the wraithlord needs to. The falcon still transports the fire dragons. The farseer still joins a squad of dire avengers.

Of course, I doubt I'll ever get to actually play this. I'll likely keep playing all of my models until I hit 1500 points. At that point, my new purchases will be to replace the units I'm not happy with.
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