Leading My Carolina Blue Eldar Into Battle

Wow... Warhammer 40K is insanely fun... so insanely fun that as soon as my brother got his hands on an army, the game has consumed all of the time that I would normally be spending on roleplaying games. And we've only played two battles!

The first battle was over a week ago, and my brother hadn't gotten his Tau army started yet, so he was playing orks. We played a free-for-all with one unit each. Matt had a unit of Space Marine tactical squad, I had a unit of Eldar guardians, and Eric had a unit of Ork boyz. Unsurprisingly, Matt won pretty easily.

For our second battle, we jumped in with pretty much everything. I had to cut a few of my Eldar, but Eric and Matt played all that they had. It was another free-for-all battle with Tau, Eldar, and Space Marines. We each had a 585 point limit and played on a 3x3 table. We also decided to play "last man standing wins", which I don't think is standard compared to the missions I read about in the back of the rulebook... but we wanted the battle to last longer so we'd have more time to get used to the rules. I ended up fielding this army:

Farseer (Eldritch Storm) 75

17 Guardians (EML) + Warlock (Embolden, Singing Spear) 189
9 Dire Avengers (Exarch w/ 2 Shuriken Catapults) 125

5 Fire Dragons (no upgrades) 80

Heavy Support
Wraithlord (EML) 115

Total: 584

Obviously, we wasted a ton of time double checking rulebooks and codices during the battle... and we still got some things wrong, such as:
  • Forgetting to subtract BS from blast template scatter rolls made them almost useless
  • Spinning tanks with Eldritch Storm even on misses... should have used scatter dice
  • Constantly forgetting to differentiate between the attacks of complex units (mainly with that space marine tactical squad, but I was guilty a time or two as well with my exarchs)
  • Deploying our armies simultaneously... apparently, you're supposed to take turns.
The table was too crowded for the Tau. They ended up in too many assaults and got wiped out pretty quickly. The remaining Eldar and Space Marines nearly fought to a draw. In the end, it was his captain (1 wound) vs. my wraithlord (2 wounds) locked in an assault that was previously a complicated mess of wraithlord + farseer + some dire avengers vs. 2 terminators + captain. Then we realized that he couldn't wound the wraithlord, so we called the game on the spot.

Overall, it was a ton of fun. I did feel bad for my bro and his Tau though. They didn't really stand a chance. I think he's ordering some crisis suits to try and even things up a bit, though, and next time we should be able to play on a larger table.
This pic is of all my Eldar except for one guardian... I accidentally left him in the box before snapping the picture and it didn't seem practical to redo the setup for one measly guardian. If you look closely, you can see that all of these have paint on them, but only about half of them are anywhere close to finished. I've been a little paint-lazy of late.

I hope I'll get around to working on the Spectrum Shock campaign in the next few days. I intended to update the old location entries and add some NPC Spotlights last weekend, but the Spectrum Shock project got eclipsed by Warhammer 40K. Perhaps RPGs will sneak back into my gaming schedule this week...
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