Eldar vs. Tau: Turn Two Concession

Well, I think I had my biggest disappointment last night trying to play Warhammer 40K. My brother and I set up to play the game: Tau vs. Eldar, Annihilation, 1000 points.

Turn One
We move around a bit and get a few shots off, but the only deaths are a couple of gun drones.

Turn Two
My brother's Tau make their reserves roll and a unit of crisis suits tries to deep strike in behind my falcon. Scatter dice say: 12" toward my falcon, which ends up landing him right on top of the vehicle: a mishap. His roll? One, so the unit dies. Then he explains to me that he only has one unit left on the board that can kill a tank because he has set up his other crisis suits to be anti-infantry.

At that point, he conceded and I'm not really upset that he did. Playing video games with cheat codes never really appealed to me, so playing out a game of 40K that I can't lose is equally unappealing. These were our lists (his list is more than a little vague):

Farseer (Jetbike, Fortune, Singing Spear) 118
Farseer (Eldritch Storm, Spirit Stones, Fortune) 125

10x Dire Avengers (wave serpent, twin-linked shuriken cannons, spirit stones) 120
6x Dire Avengers 72

5x Fire Dragons 80

Heavy Support
Falcon (shuriken cannon, holo-fields) 155
2x Fire Prism 230



6x Fire Warriors
6x Fire Warriors
6x Fire Warriors
6x Fire Warriors

Crisis Suit
2x Crisis Suits
Stealth Team


I really don't know what all of his upgrades are. I know that he has gun drones in just about every unit, though, and that he claimed that his list was anti-infantry. Admittedly, my list is pretty tank-heavy, so I understand why he wanted to quit. He might have had the upper hand if we hadn't been playing annihilation.

Because he's less likely to purchase more stuff anytime soon (or change his wargear), I'm working on a revised list of my own that he won't be completely screwed against but that I can still (hopefully) win with. We'll see how it all works out.
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