Jetbike Farseer Update... Sort of Painted...

Well, I have papers to grade and lesson plans to write (the life of a teacher), but I want to share some pics of the painting I did last night before I get started on schoolwork. This is the jetbike farseer that I assembled and primed on Friday. In one of the shots, I've included my regular farseer just for comparison.

I'm almost to the point where my patience for painting has run out. He isn't painted perfectly, but he looks good enough that I wouldn't be embarrassed to put him out on the battlefield so my motivation has dropped considerably. I will definitely go back over the more noticeable places where the base coat is still visible, and I'll do the spirit stones in yellow like the rest of my army, but I'll likely stop after that and move on to another figure. I still have a wave serpent that has barely made it past the base coat.

While I'm thinking about it, I want to welcome any new visitors who arrived here by way of the From the Warp Bloggers Group. I'm honored to be a new member!
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