My Easy Jetseer (Farseer on Jetbike) Conversion

I mentioned last time that a jetseer was next on my "things to get for the Eldar army" list. The last of the bits arrived in the mail today and I did a quick n' easy conversion using these bits:
  • Dire Avenger exarch helmet & power weapon
  • High Elf Lord on Dragon legs & torso
  • Eldar Jetbike for the bike itself, the left arm, and the bottom part of the base
  • the longer Tau gun drone base stick thing (no clue what these are officially called)
Assembly is really simple, and it only took me about 20 minutes once I got started.
  1. Assemble the jetbike except for the hood and the handlebars.
  2. Cut a little from between the legs so that the feet will rest where they're supposed to.
  3. Assemble the farseer except for the left arm (the one holding the handle).
  4. Add the left arm and handlebars at the same time, making sure everything lines up.
  5. Add the hood.
  6. Viola!
Obviously, I haven't started the real paint job on this guy yet, but I wanted to share some pics of my work in progress post-assembly/priming:

Is it the best jetseer conversion ever? Of course not. Based on what I've seen on the net so far, I'd have to give that honor to this beauty. However, I initially shied away from the whole farseer + warlocks jetbike squad because conversions just don't excite me. This process, though, was almost as easy as just assembling something straight out of the box once I decided which bits I wanted for it. I'm rather impressed with the relative interchangeability of these model kits.

I still say GW should just go ahead and create a model for these, though.
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