Friday, October 9, 2009

Just a Few Blue Falcon Pics

The eldar falcon seems to have fallen out of favor with 5th edition Warhammer 40K. I keep reading tactics articles that proclaim the awesomeness of the falcon only to realize that they are years old and most current articles claim that they aren't worth the points investment.

I've liked mine so far, though. Here are a few pics:

Although the paint job isn't quite finished, it is (as I've mentioned in the past) close enough that it probably won't see much more effort. Yes, I painted over the cockpits on purpose. I like tinted windows!

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  1. The Falcon isn't completely useless...just a little costly for the roles most people like to use it. You're often paying for extra verstatility that often isn't getting used.

    One option is the counter-charge tank, where it sits in the middle of your lines and waits for the enemy to come to you. Prefered cargo is usually Fire Dragons, Harlequins or even a Warlock Bodyguard. I dislike this though as it is a passive/reactive role...

    The more aggressive (and cheap) version still hangs back comparatively, but runs up late game and claims objectives. Often refered too as DAVU (Dire Avengers as a Vehicle Upgrade), it becomes Scoring by hosting a 5-man Dire Avenger squad.

    Do a search on most any major tactics site and you'll find DAVU.

    Holofields and Spirit Stones are pretty much a requirement.

    As to weapons, some people like the "anti-tank" of an EML or Bright Lance. Other like the AP2 match of Starcannons. Me? I think that's a bunch of bollocks with a BS3. I run with a Scatter Laser top and Shuriken Cannon bottom. 2S8 shots and 7xS6 arecomprable or better for blasting tanks of AV12 or less and will cause enough extra hit on Termies to negate the AP bonus. It's even better against lighter targets and/or with Guide.



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