Malaggar, Silhouette Naruni Renegade

The last of the three characters that I brainstormed and Quim statted out, Malaggar is a silhouette on the run from Naruni agents.

Name: Malaggar
Alignment: Anarchist (Selfish)
Background: Although he once worked for Naruni Enterprises, Malaggar has fallen out of favor with his former employers. When a pair of repo-bots were sent out to collect a debt from a powerful lizard mage, Malaggar wisely stepped aside before the angry mage returned to settle the score. Naruni Enterprises wasn't happy about the loss of an agent, but they were absolutely furious when they discovered how much equipment Malaggar took with him when he left! These days, Malaggar spends much of his time searching for a way back to Phaseworld, but every time he feels close, the presence of Naruni agents keeps him at bay. Eventually, he hopes to grow strong enough in his own magical abilities to just open a portal himself, but that day seems a long way off.
Attributes: I.Q.: 14, M.E.: 12, M.A.: 23*, P.S.: 13 (Supernatural), P.P.: 20, P.E.: 18, P.B.: 15, Spd. 28 (140 yd-m/melee). Carry: 260 pd (117 kg) Lift: 520 pd (234 kg) (during 54 sec. almost 4 melee rounds)
*Trust/Intimidate 75%
M.D.C: 33
Size: 6 feet tall (1.8 m) and 150 lbs (68 kg).
Age: 6 years.
Experience level: First level Silhoutte RCC (from RDB2: Phase world).
Natural Abilities: Shadow powers (see pg 81 RDB2: Phase world), Ley Line powers, Supernatural Strength.
Vulnerabilities: In normal light, loses all his special powers. In bright sunlight or under intense spotlights, he is at -2 to strike, parry, dodge, loses half his melle attacks, and is at -10 MDC.
Horror Factor: 11
Magic Knowledge: Magical being. Sense Evil (2), See the Invisible (4), Cloak of Darkness (6), Extinguish Fire (4), Armor of Ithan (10), Paralysis: Lesser (5).
PPE: 300
Psionic PowersMinor psionic: Mask PPE (4), Sense Dimensional Anomaly (4). I.S.P.: 20
Combat Skills: Hand to Hand Combat: Basic.
Bonuses+2 on initiative, +5 strike, +5 to parry, +5 to dodge, +2 to pull punch, +6 to roll with impact (only when in shadows), Energy pistol: +1 to strike, +4 to save vs. Horror Factor, +2 to save vs. magic, +2 to save vs. poison and disease, +6% to save vs. Coma & Death.
Weapons of NoteNE-3·Slim-Line “Gambler” Revolver (3D6 MD. +20% conceal).
Attacks Per Melee: Five (5) hand to hand attacks per melee.
RCC Skills: Language: Silhouette 98%, Language: Trade One 75%, Language: Trade Four 45%, Barter 40%, Literacy: Trade One 50%Performance 45%, Public speaking 40%, Radio: Basics 55%, Sensory Equipment 40%, Wardrobe & Grooming 55%, Basic Electronics 30%Undercover Ops 40%, Recognize Weapon Quality 25%, Robots & Power Armor 56%, Find contraband 36%, Seduction 33%, Math: Basics 45%, Appraise Goods 40% (includes military goods), Computer Op 50%WP Energy Pistol.
Secondary SkillsHousekeeping 35%, Computer repair 30%, Hand to Hand: Basic, Running, Lore: Galactic/Alien 25%, Lore: Magic 25%
EquipmentNE-F40A Heavy Force Field (110 MDC), 4 E-Clips, NE-3·Slim-Line “Gambler” Revolver, 100 light plasma cartridge, NE-05GP Grav Pack.
MoneyHidden in a safe place 5 milion Cr. In Naruni equipment.
Cybernetics: none.

Again, thanks Quim!
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