Gash, Kankoran Scout

Continuing the series of characters that I brainstormed and Quim statted out, allow me to introduce Gash. Again, thanks Quim!

Name: Gash
AlignmentAnarchist (Selfish)
BackgroundA second generation D-bee whose parents once lived in the Northern Wilderness, Gash's parents left him with friends when they went out in search of a way home. Unfortunately, they never returned. Many of his peers mocked his misery, claiming that his parents really did find a way home and just didn't care enough to take him along. It didn't take long for Gash to seek out new peers...
Attributes: I.Q.: 15, M.E.: 8, M.A.: 11, P.S.: 18, P.P.: 16, P.E.: 18, P.B.: 11, Spd. 19 (95 yd-m/melee). Carry180 pd (81 kg) Lift: 360 pd (162 kg) (during 54 sec. almost 4 melee rounds)
Size: 4’4” tall (1.3 m) and 100 lbs (45 kg).
Age: 12 years.
Experience level: First level Kankoran Wilderness Scout.
Natural Abilities: Natural Armor Rating: 6, only applicable in S.D.C. combat; Nightvision 40 feet (12.2 m), keen color vision, a keen sense of smell (30% to track blood scent up to 1000 feet (305 m) away, recognize common/known smells 50%, and 20% recognize the scent of others up to 50 feet (15.2 m) away, and keen hearing (same as dog boy).
Horror/Awe Factor: 12, at least when he is in combat or when angry or threatening.
Magic KnowledgeNone. Hates magic.
Psionic Powers: None. I.S.P.: 8
Combat SkillsHand to Hand Combat: BasicBite does 1D6 S.D.C. damage and claws do 1D6+3 S.D.C. damage.
Bonuses+4 on initiative+1 strike, +2 to parry, +2 to dodge, +4 to pull punch+5 to roll with impact, +3 on Perception Rolls, Bows: +2 to strike/+3 to parry – RoF: 2 per melle, Vibro-saber: +2 to strike/+2 to parry, Knife: +1 to strike/+3 to parry/+2 to strike when thrown, Energy pistol: +1 to strike, +1 to save vs. Horror Factor, +2 to save vs. magic, +4 to save vs. poison and disease, +16% to save vs. Coma & Death.
Weapons of NoteNA-LB1 Laser Bow (2D6 MD), Wilk’s 227 Pulse Pistol (2D6-4D6 MDC. +2 to strike on aimed shot).
Attacks Per MeleeFive (5) hand to hand attacks per melee.
OCC AbilitiesTrail Blazing 20%, Cross-Country Pacing 35%, Cartography40% (Math: Basics 50%)
OCC Skills: Language: Kankoran 94%, Language: American 65%, Language Shoshone 65%Athletics (General), Cooking 50%, Climbing 60/50%Fishing 55%, Horsemanship: General 60/40%, Identify Fruits and Plants 50%Hovercycle 80%, Prowl 40%, Radio: Basic 55%, Track Animals 40%, Wilderness Survival 55%, WP Archery, WP SwordWP Energy Pistol, WP Knife.
OCC Related SkillsForced march, Outdoorsmanship, Land Navigation 56%, Horsemanship: Exotic 35/25%First Aid 55%, Tailing 35%Dosing 30%Fasting 45%, Computer operation 45%.
Secondary SkillsSign Language 25%, Computer repair 30%, Gambling 30%, Astronomy & Navigation 30%
EquipmentHuntsman armor (45 MDC), NA-LB1 Laser Bow, Wilk’s 227 Pulse Pistol, 4 E-Clips, survival knife and hand axe (both 1D6 SDC), Vibro-saber (2D4 MDC), wilderness clothing, extra pair of boots, hat, tinted visor, air filter, first-aid kit, knapsack, backpack, utility/ammo belt, a couple sacks, several short pieces of cord for tying things, 100 feet (30 m) of lightweight rope, 6 iron spikes, 6 wooden spikes, wooden cross (8 inches/20 cm), a hammer and a mallet, utility knife, animal skinning knife, fishing line and hooks, animal snares, two canteens, six flares, infrared binoculars with digital distancing readout, a pair of passive nightvision goggles, telescopic sight for a gun, Computer: Portable Field UnitBronco Scooter (99 MDC).
Money: 1400 Cr. 7500 Cr. In Black Marked items.
Cybernetics: none.
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