Rifts Character Ideas... Just Because...

I've had the strange urge to play Rifts all day today. Unfortunately, it won't happen anytime soon. I'm the only one in my play group who knows the system well enough to run it and it seems like I don't have the time to GM at all these days. Despite the slim chance that any of these guys will ever see play, I'm going to spend a few minutes brainstorming some Rifts character concepts I'd like to try out. Why? Just because I feel like it...

UPDATE: Quim, who runs the Escamot Featherfall blog, has generated stats for these guys. As he posts them, I'll link to them here. Thanks Quim!

Lieutenant Samuel Perkins (Sammy)
Human CS Commando
After leaving the Coalition military and setting out on his own, Sammy hasn't even tried to hide his previous affiliation from his new nonhuman companions. He has proven his loyalty to his new companions and trusts them with his life. However, although he wouldn't admit it to them, he considers them exceptions to the rule... and still believes that most D-bees should be eradicated.

Kankoran Wilderness Scout
A second generation D-bee whose parents once lived in the Northern Wilderness, Gash's parents left him with friends when they went out in search of a way home. Unfortunately, they never returned. Many of his peers mocked his misery, claiming that his parents really did find a way home and just didn't care enough to take him along. It didn't take long for Gash to seek out new peers...

Although he once worked for Naruni Enterprises, Malaggar has fallen out of favor with his former employers. When a pair of repo-bots were sent out to collect a debt from a powerful lizard mage, Malaggar wisely stepped aside before the angry mage returned to settle the score. Naruni Enterprises wasn't happy about the loss of an agent, but they were absolutely furious when they discovered how much equipment Malaggar took with him when he left! These days, Malaggar spends much of his time searching for a way back to Phaseworld, but every time he feels close, the presence of Naruni agents keeps him at bay. Eventually, he hopes to grow strong enough in his own magical abilities to just open a portal himself, but that day seems a long way off.
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