Spectrum Shock: Campaign Log #4 (with pics)

Note: This was in my drafts and is getting posted months late. I could have sworn I posted this back in July...

In our last Spectrum Shock session (which was several weeks ago but I'm just now getting around to writing about it), the party had its "final" showdown with the orks. The plan: find the prisoners, plant a bomb in the main building, and then escape before said bomb explodes. As with all plans, this one didn't last very long on the actual battlefield. This was the initial setup:

(Click for larger images.)

The group split in two, with Eric's character and his new cohort attacking from one side while Matt's character and the DC scout attacked from the other. The idea was for the first group to draw fire and distract the main force while the second charged the main building to rescue the prisoners and plant the bomb. In practice, the DC scout went down quickly, which left Matt's character (Korbynn) struggling to complete his mission without support. He was eventually overwhelmed.

I had deliberately put more adversaries on the board than I thought the party could handle. I wanted to make sure this wasn't a "clear out the base and take all of their stuff" type of mission. With more enemies than usual but with a kill switch that would end the fight in the PCs' favor (and destroy most of the loot at the same time), I thought this would be an interesting change of pace. Somehow, they managed to take out the whole base anyway...

There were a few interesting twists, though. First of all, the last prisoner was never rescued. He was actually killed by one of the PCs! When it looked as though the orks would lose the battle, their leader used the prisoner as a human shield as he retreated. Eric decided to take his chances even after I warned him that if he missed because of the cover, he would hit the prisoner. And as luck would have it, he pinged the prisoner on the first shot.

When all was said and done, they killed the remaining orks, grabbed as much loot as they could carry, and set the bomb to detonate after they left the scene.
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