Eldar vs. Tau 1250

Eric just got most of his crisis suits in last week, so we were eager to play a game with his new army. He was able to add two more broadsides, four crisis suits, and another hammerhead to his list. I just dropped some upgrades and ran an extra wave serpent.

Unfortunately, the game was a pretty clean sweep. The mission was annihilation and the deployment was dawn of war. I didn't realize how badly dawn of war might be for tau until I realized how quickly my seer council could get to him when I could deploy it in mid-field. I started everything at the center of my table edge except for the seer council, which I deployed on the far right and as close to his table edge as possible. I used the first turn to turbo boost my council and wave serpents as close to his forces as I could. As usual, forcing Tau into assaults went quite well for the Eldar.

My deployment... note the partially painted Realm of Battle board. One of these days I'll get around to finishing it.

On his first turn, Eric managed to miss my wave serpent with all three broadsides. "Good thing they're twin-linked!" Well, maybe not... check out his re-rolls:

The seer council swings around the edge of the table to hit from the right flank.

I managed to take out both hammerheads on turn two and tie up the broadsides in close combat by turn three. At that point, Eric conceded. He realized that I still had five tanks on the board and I had taken out all of his anti-tank squads except for a few S6 or S7 guns on a some of the crisis suits. When all three broadsides missed my wave serpents on the first turn and then only managed a shaken result on the second turn, things went south quickly for him.

The next time we play, he'll be running a squad of vespids and two more crisis suits (all nine next time). I, on the other hand, will just be adding upgrades to catch up. I've got a feeling my luck will change soon.
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