Krazy Fun Ork Army

Okay, so I want to start an ork horde on the side (Eldar will still be my focus most of the time). I'm not really trying to be competitive with this one. I just want some variety for games at home. Playing Eldar vs. Tau every single week does get old after a while, even when we tweak lists between games each time. I'll start with a core of AoBR troops... 80 boyz, 20 nobz, 9 deffkoptas, and a warboss. I'll hit something like 1200 points with those.

Lots of boyz is always good. Nobz are cool, although I'm tempted to grab a set of "real" nobz so I can have some upgraded ones sprinkled in. Deffkoptas will give me mobility, as well as the Eldaresque tactic of turbo-boosting on turn five to contest objectives.

What I'm looking for to fill in the other 300 or so points are some fun units. The first will be a weirdboy. The random powers sound interesting. If I like them enough, I might even run two weirdboyz eventually. The best part about the weirdboy is that his model includes three goblins. They don't actually do anything, but for some reason I really like the goblins... errr... gretchin... err... grots... whatever you call them. I want to field as many of them as I can. I want them hanging off of every vehicle. I want them following around every squad that can take one as an upgrade.

Come to think of it, I kind of want gretchin as my troops rather than boyz. But AoBR boyz are sooo cheap and I've got a bunch already. I guess now comes the interesting process of trying to figure out how to include as many grots as possible without actually running gretchin as troops...
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