More Eldar List Changes - Shuriken Cannon Spam

Well, my seer council has performed much better since I changed its configuration. It has only had the opportunity to assault twice in the last two games, but this has had much more to do with the deadliness of multiple destructor templates than a failure to get within range. Apparently, fire warriors in cover have a tough time dealing with AP 4 templates.

Although I won the last two, I'm still finding that the fire prisms are just... somehow... not performing as well as I expected. Going back for more of Revuk's advice, I'm switching the twin-linked shuriken catapults for a single shuriken cannon. I took note each time during the last game that I could have fired a 24" range gun, and it was often enough to make the 10 point upgrade well worth it. Having recently purchased another wave serpent, which conveniently has the shuriken cannon upgrade sprue, I'll make the switch as soon as the serpent arrives. I'm hoping that the extra range will allow me to rely less on the prism cannons and they'll no longer be one-shot-wonders (except beyond 24"). Adding a trio of S6 shots to the mix should make my crappy luck with scatter dice a little less painful. I wonder if the dice are hating me because the models aren't painted yet? Hmmmmm...

Looking toward the future, I'm going to need to upgrade to a 1500+ list soon. My brother is getting six crisis suits as an early Christmas present, so he will more than catch up with me. I'm not sure how high he'll want to go, but I'm going to aim for 1500 for the moment and I'll add on an upgrade or two if he wants to go higher. This list is still in the works, but it's what I'll probably be running unless I have a major strategic breakthrough between now and next week.

Farseer (Jetbike, Doom, Fortune, Spirit Stones) 165
6x Warlocks (Jetbikes, 1x Embolden, 1x Enhance, 3x Destructor) 320

10x Dire Avengers 120 [in BL wave serpent]

5x Dire Avengers 60 [in falcon]
10x Guardians (Scatter Laser) 95

5x Fire Dragons 80 [in SC wave serpent]

Heavy Support
Falcon (shuriken cannon, holo-fields) 155
Fire Prism 125 (shuriken cannon)
Fire Prism 125 (shuriken cannon)

Dedicated Transport
Wave Serpent (Brightlances, Spirit Stones) 145

Wave Serpent (Shuriken Cannons, Spirit Stones) 110

Total: 1500

Notes: And now you see why shuriken cannon spam is in the title of the post! In rearranging everything, I looked back at my list and realized that I had shuriken cannons on... whoah... almost everything. I'm also trying out the DAVU strategy with the falcon because we've actually started trying out some objective-based games. And I can't wait to replace those guardians with rangers...
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