Sigh... Revuk Was Right...

I've been putting singing spears on all of the warlocks in my seer council since I started converting models for the unit, and on this previous post, Revuk left me some advice about my fire prisms (the help I really wanted) and my seer council (help I thought I didn't need). I liked the idea of singing spears turning my council into mobile fire dragon wannabes. I could pop a tank from 12" away and then hop back 6" during my assault phase! Awesome!

When I assembled the last set of three warlocks, though, I realized that I didn't have enough dire avenger bits for the singing spears and glued swords on instead. Now, after two games with a half-sword-half-spear squad, I'm spending the day popping spears off of my older models and adding witchblades instead. While I didn't have a problem with the spears at all, now I've actually used both... and I like the witchblades better. The ranged tank killing ability is so not worth the extra points and loss of an attack in close combat.

Revuk, I didn't believe you before... but I do now.

Current List:
Farseer (Jetbike, Fortune) 115
6x Warlocks (Jetbikes, 1x Embolden, 1x Enhance, 3x Destructor) 320

10x Dire Avengers 120 [in wave serpent]
10x Guardians (Scatter Laser) 95

5x Fire Dragons 80 [in falcon]

Heavy Support
Falcon (EML) 135
Fire Prism 115
Fire Prism 115

Dedicated Transport
Wave Serpent (Twin-Linked Bright Lances, Spirit Stones) 145

Total: 1248

Recent List Changes: I dropped the warp spiders and the footslogging farseer altogether. They just didn't seem to be carrying their weight in points. In their place, I now have a more dangerous seer council (with more members and destructors) and a better equipped wave serpent. I also swapped the dire avengers unit for a squad of guardians. Neither unit does much, but the scatter laser at least has the range to hit opposing units across the field and has (so far) been largely ignored by my opponents.
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