Dissatisfied With Previous Eldar List... Revamping

Okay, so I was running the list you'll find not too far down the page on this post. I haven't been satisfied at all, so I'm revamping. These are the changes I'll be making soon (along with my reasoning). Feel free to point out any flaws in my logic and/or leave me advice.

HQ Revisions:
  • I'm dropping spirit stones and doom from the farseer in the seer council. There just isn't that much synergy between doom and witchblades. They always wound on a 2+... why do I need to reroll? Alternately, I could doom a unit that I'm not intending to assault with the council, but I'm not usually close enough to two must-kill units. Doom's real use in this squad should come in when I'm playing against high toughness opponents (like orks) and I need to reroll wounds with the destructor templates... but against Tau (which is what I face 90% of the time) it just isn't necessary.
  • I'm also dropping the farseer that usually joins the dire avengers. That particular wave serpent attracts a ton of fire, and dropping the farseer will remedy that situation in one of two ways: either it will attract less attention and actually be useful (because foot-slogging avengers never seem to survive) or it will continue to get shot down every game and I'll just lose less when it happens. Either way, it's better than what I'm experiencing now.
Troops Revisions:
  • Guardian defenders suck... not only because of their general uselessness but because I keep forgetting about them during my shooting phase. Yes, this is player error at its finest, but I've got to figure out a way to make every unit useful. Since my brother has such a fear of template weapons, I'm going to trade these in for storm guardians with a couple of flamers. It also means I have an excuse to buy another wave serpent... and a chance to show off the guardian conversions I've got in mind (pics will come soon).
Heavy Support Revisions:
  • Goodbye, holo-fields. I've been running them just as a point filler, but now I'll need those points to improve my wave serpents.
Dedicated Transport Revisions:
  • Shuriken cannons are great, but I'll be upgrading to scatter lasers next time. While the extra shot is nice, the real kicker is the extra 12" of range, which has bothered me recently because I've seen more immobilized results than usual. As I mentioned earlier, I'm also grabbing a third serpent for the storm guardians.
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