Eldar vs. Tau 1500

Once again, the Eldar and Tau forces clashed. This match-up was getting pretty stale around here until this game.  My brother and I only have one army apiece, so battles are always Eldar vs. Tau. However, new lists, a higher point total, and a nonstandard mission (courtesy of DLT's Alternate 40K Missions) breathed new life into the battle.

Objective: Gain Ground (p5; basically, each table quarter is an objective)
Deployment: Corridor of Fire (p9; basically, you can deploy on either the right or left side of the board, all the way up to midway as long as you aren't within 18" of an enemy model)

The Eldar:
Farseer (Jetbike, Doom, Fortune, Spirit Stones) 165
6x Warlocks (Jetbikes, 1x Embolden, 3x Destructor) 305
Farseer (Fortune) 85 [with avengers in wave serpent]

10x Dire Avengers 120 [in wave serpent]

5x Dire Avengers 60 [in falcon]
10x Guardians (Scatter Laser) 95

5x Fire Dragons 80 [in wave serpent]

Heavy Support
Falcon (shuriken cannon) 120
Fire Prism 125 (shuriken cannon)
Fire Prism 125 (shuriken cannon)

Dedicated Transport
Wave Serpent (Shuriken Cannons, Spirit Stones) 110

Wave Serpent (Shuriken Cannons, Spirit Stones) 110

Total: 1500

The Tau

Crisis Battlesuit Commander

6 Fire Warriors

6 Fire Warriors

3 Crisis Suits

3 Crisis Suits
3 Crisis Suits

Fast Attack
5 Vespids

Heavy Support
3 Broadsides


Total: 1500ish

(I really need to get a real list of his army on the blog... it isn't like we keep anything a secret... I just don't know the Tau codex well enough to name all of his upgrades.)

Turn One:

  • The squad of broadsides immobilizes my dire avenger-carrying wave serpent, which effectively wrecks it because nothing ever gets in range of my shuriken cannons for the remainder of the game.
  • One hammerhead manages to stun my falcon. The other hammerhead misses.
  • Things look dire for the Eldar... one transport that won't be transporting anything and one tank that can't shoot or move... not a good sign.
Turn Two:

  • A unit of crisis suits and the vespids come in via deep strike. Both arrive out in the open, which I initially think is a mistake until I realize that I really don't have anything that can hit them there except for the fire prisms. 
  • The falcon explodes from broadside bombardment, and between the explosion and subsequent fire I lose all but one dire avenger, who breaks and runs for my table edge. He does manage to shoot and kill a pair of vespids on his way off of the board though.
  • The wave serpent that can still move (the one carrying fire dragons) gets hit by a hammerhead but is only shaken, so it moves to drop fire dragons to blow up said hammerhead. Unfortunately, the hammerhead in question explodes and kills a fire dragon in return.
  • The seer council wipes out the unit of crisis suits it assaulted the previous turn.
Turn Three:

  • The other set of crisis suits deepstrikes onto the board. This group throws flamers at the guardians inside the caves, which kills all but two, and they immediately run off of the table.
  • The Tau commander almost annihilates the remaining fire dragons but leaves one brave soul still standing.
  • The broadsides destroy the remaining wave serpent, so the remaining fire dragon has no hope of scooting across the board and popping the other hammerhead.
  • Lots of guys shoot at the seer council, but fortune saves the day and no models are removed (the farseer suffered two wounds).
  • The seer council burns away a unit of fire warriors and moves to avoid getting assaulted by the opposing HQ.
  • The fire dragon attacks the Tau commander but fails to slow him down.
  • Fire prisms combine beams to deal some damage to the crisis suits in mid-field.
Turn Four:

The Tau commander moves, runs, and assaults the seer council. He does no damage but prevents them from decimating the last group of fire warriors on the board.
Broadsides destroy one of the fire prisms. The other prism manages to put a few wounds on a squad of crisis suits.

Turns Five Through Seven:

These are pretty uneventful. At this point, we realize that the Eldar cannot win. The best they can hope for is a tactical draw, and even this depends on the HQ vs HQ assault ending so that the council can turbo boost and contest the table quarter claimed by the fire warriors. Due to the clash of tough-to-kill units, the game ends with the two HQs still locked in close combat and the small group of fire warriors easily claiming their objective.

Tau: One objective controlled
Eldar: No objectives controlled

And thus, my not-losing streak with the Eldar has come to an end. I've found myself stuck in tactical draws, but until this battle I had not actually lost.

In the end, I found myself wishing I didn't change my list around at the last minute. Up until about 30 minutes prior to the game, I wasn't running the second farseer and had brightlances on the wave serpents as well as enhance on one of the warlocks. The enhance I could have done without, but the extra 12" of range on the immobilized wave serpent would have been much more useful than a farseer that did almost nothing the entire game. Perhaps I could have popped his HQ with a strength 8 instant kill...

All in all, I did enjoy the game. The new mission and deployment options were fun and a great break from the norm. I just hope I can get the Eldar back onto that not-losing streak that I was on previously.
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