Rifts Class Descriptions

We'll be starting an online Rifts campaign soon (using Google Wave!), but some of my players aren't all that familiar with the system. This post is to help my players choose what types of characters they'll want to play.


  • Crazy - augmented warriors who trade their sanity for superhuman strength, speed, reflexes, endurance, etc. 
  • Cyber-Knight - perhaps the only men and women left on Earth who truly uphold the ideals of chivalry, these cybernetic (and sometimes psionic) warriors fight for purity and righteousness
  • Headhunter - warriors who use bionics to gain an edge in combat
  • Juicer - warriors who use various chemicals to enhance their physical abilities; they live fast and die young (either in combat or because no one can withstand such high doses of drugs forever)
  • Merc Soldier - mercenaries who rely on battlefield experience and their natural abilities

Scholars and Adventurers

  • Body Fixer - the doctors of Rifts Earth
  • City Rat - rogues from the big city
  • Cyber-Doc - doctors and scientists who specialize in cybernetics/bionics
  • Operator - mechanical geniuses and repairmen
  • Rogue Scholar - educated wanderers who often teach anti-Coalition ideas
  • Rogue Scientist - similar to rogue scholars, but with more emphasis on technical knowledge... to use an example from modern schools, rogue scholars are probably English or history teachers while rogue scientists are science or math teachers
  • Vagabond - the ordinary guy (or gal) who got caught up in the adventuring life without any specialized training
  • Wilderness Scout - as their name implies, these adventurers specialize in surviving and thriving outside of civilization

Practitioners of Magic

  • Elemental Fusionist - instinctive wielders of magic from opposing elements, such as fire/water or air/earth
  • Ley Line Walker - wizards so in tune with magic that they can see and sense magical energy in all its forms
  • Ley Line Rifter - a line walker who specializes in dimensional and rift magic
  • Mystic - wizards who can naturally use both magic and psionics
  • Shifter - wizards who specialize in rifts and summoning magic
  • Techno-Wizard - wizards who specialize in blending magic with technology
  • Warlock - wizards who draw their powers from elemental supernatural beings (Rifts Conversion Book)


  • Burster - psychics who can control fire with their minds
  • Dog Boy - mutant dogs with heightened psychic senses
  • Mind-Melter - powerful psychics with access to all types of powers
  • Psi-Stalker - human mutants with abilities that help them fight the supernatural
Omitted OCCs/RCCs: Combat Cyborg, Glitter Boy, Robot Pilot, Dragon Hatchling

As we get further into the campaign preparation, more options will likely be added. As of right now, I want to remain as generic as possible.
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