Who the Flock has Time for This?

Ever since I started playing wargames, I've always shied away from any sort of flocking. My first real purchase was a ton of used Eldar stuff on eBay, and that box was full of green grit that got everywhere. After that bad experience, I swore that I would never waste my time with fake grass on miniatures... and I still probably won't.

However, what I have started working on is flocking my Citadel Realm of Battle Gameboard... and it is insanely time consuming. I finally got around to painting and drybrushing the rest of the rocks, but the majority of the board still looked like crap, so I broke down and gave flocking a try. I started with the top of the hill and it took me the better part of a day to finish. Granted, much of that time was actually spent doing other things while glue dried... it still seemed like it took forever. And I only have the top of the hill finished. That's only about a fifth (maybe less) of the total space on the board.

The rest will probably have to wait until January when I have more time... that is a huge amount of space to be flocking. Until then, I could use some help trying to figure out the best way to make the grass around the patches of skulls look dead. I'm currently using burnt grass by Woodland Scenics for the regular grass... should I use yellow flock? or a mix of yellow and brown? or something else?
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