2010 Gaming Resolutions

It's time to make some resolutions for 2010, and while I shared a few other resolutions on my more personal blog (Crazy Teacher Musings), this is the appropriate place for those that are gaming related. Without any further delay, they are...
  1. Start playing RPGs again. I haven't played much at all since September, and I'd like to see that change. I'm already trying to put together a Rifts game on Google Wave (which is still delayed, unfortunately). 
  2. Play outside of the man cave more often. I've confined myself to gaming in the man cave almost exclusively since I moved to Hickory. I'd like to get out into the local game stores more often this year.
  3. Play something competitively. This will likely be accomplished at the same time that I work on #2, but I'm separating it anyway. I miss the days when I was a moderately successful Friday Night Magic player. I like the competition. This year, I'm hoping I can find some local 40K tournaments. If not, I might get back into playing Magic on Fridays again...
That's all, folks. Happy New Year.
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