Madcap Enterprises, a Merc Sponsor for Rifts

Often straddling the roles of sponsor and employer in the mercenary business, Madcap Enterprises was founded by two brothers willing to do whatever was necessary to secure a life of luxury for themselves in the future. They began their careers with a wide range of money-making schemes, including gambling, treasure hunting, various small businesses, and mercenary work. After years of hard work, the two managed to purchase a plot of land on the outskirts of Merctown shortly after Drago's Defenders took political power. They have since graduated from small-time entrepreneurs just trying to make ends meet to what they consider the big time: wealthy enough to live luxuriously while those in their employ take all of the real risks, but not important enough in the grand scheme of things to attract the attention of anyone too dangerous.

Prestin and Bobby, the brothers who founded Madcap Enterprises, are polar opposites. Prestin ("Presto" by those closest to him) is somewhat shy and mild-mannered. He is an incredibly patient, intelligent, and cautious mage who is a longtime member of Merctown's Collegiate Arcane. Bobby was once very similar to his brother in demeanor, but had no interest in magic at all and underwent M.O.M. conversion when he was in his early twenties. Now he is just as obnoxious as his brother is quiet. Despite their stark differences (or perhaps because of them), the brothers have managed to run a very successful business operation.

Madcap Enterprises keeps a staff of several dozen secretaries, accountants, assistants, and maintenance personnel. Roughly twice as many full-time security guards are also on staff. In addition to these permanent positions, the company usually supports several small mercenary companies that can be called upon for special operations and long-distance jobs.

Prestin purchases a large lot of land on the outskirts of Merctown years ago, but much of it is undeveloped. There are only three buildings on the property. One is the office building, where much of the business is run. Another is an apartment complex for those employees who don't have homes in Merctown. The last is a warehouse in which the company keeps trade goods and a small robotics lab where high tech equipment can be repaired.

What those who haven't worked for Madcap Enterprises don't know is that there is a rather extensive network of rooms, tunnels, and additional storage space underneath the facilities. These underground facilities connect all three main buildings, and contain a stockpile of weapons, living quarters for the two founding brothers, and quite a few locked rooms... the contents of which even current employees have no knowledge.

The land is protected by a fence that encloses the entire area. The fence is made of M.D.C. material and is patrolled regularly by Madcap security personnel. There are two gates, each of which is under constant watch by guards at the gates as well as security cameras linked to the office building.

Map is here.

Benefits for Associated Merc Companies:
While Madcap Enterprises isn't nearly as wealthy a sponsor as one of the nations that sometimes back mercenary companies, Prestin and Bobby do recognize the benefits of having somewhat loyal mercs around. Thus, while they can't provide the best equipment Merctown has to offer, they do provide the basics, and that's more than the many up-and-coming merc companies could ever hope for.

Mercenary companies sponsored by Madcap Enterprises are welcome to purchase their own gear and wear their own uniforms, but they can rest assured that the following basic needs will be provided by the company:

B. Outfits: Utility Outfits (5 points)
C. Equipment: Electronic Equipment and Good Gear (5 points), Medical Supplies (10 points)
D. Vehicles: Fleet Vehicles (10 points)
E. Weapons: Basic Equipment (5 points)
F. Communications: Basic Service (2 points)
G. Internal Security: Tight (10 points)
H. Permanent Bases: Headquarters (10 points)

In addition, Madcap Enterprises will help match up its sponsored merc companies with trustworthy employers for only a 5% commission (better than the cut that Merc Ops takes). Also, whenever Prestin and/or Bobby need a job done, they offer the work to their sponsored companies before anyone else.

Notes: Madcap Enterprises is an integral part of the Madcap Mercenaries Campaign.
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