Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Storm Guardian Conversions (WIP)

Last week, I mentioned that I was going to start converting some storm guardians for my Eldar, and I immediately ordered some sword arm bits from Hoard o' Bits because I knew I didn't have them. In the meantime, I needed to break apart some old guardians and dig up some shuriken pistol bits.

So into the bits box I went, going straight for the sprues that have proven more useful to me than any others... the ones with the dire avenger exarch weapons. In the end, I was able to turn ten of my standard guardians into a squad of storm guardians for under $5.

The core of each model is just a standard guardian. The sword arms are Empire State Troops arms. The pistols are from the dire avenger exarch sprue. And last, the flamers are just trimmed down shuriken catapults with some bits from the Eldar heavy weapon sprue glued on. I'm pretty sure the one on the end of the barrel is from a starcannon. The other I'm not sure about.

They're assembled now, but as you can see, they need some serious work before they hit the tabletop.

Comments & suggestions are welcome!


  1. Nice idea there.

    How many Exarch pistols come on a sprue though? I can't imagine having anywhere near enough bitz to pull that conversion off on any sort of scale.

  2. There's one pistol arm that looks like the one I photographed on each sprue. There's also a pistol with no arm, but it takes a little more work to get it to look right on the open-handed left arms.

    Fortunately, I purchased several extra sprues for the swords and spears when I was putting together my seer council, so I had enough.

  3. They look really clean. I have no experience with eldar models, but I can't see any converting work.

    That means good job!


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