Why Mechdar > Ork Horde (At Least For Me)

Does it have anything to do with how competitive each army is? No.
Does it have to do with the difficulty of painting each army? Nope.
Is it the fluff? Well, yeah... but that isn't what I intended to talk about today.
Is it because I prefer speed and finesse over number advantage and close combat? Not at all.

What it really boils down to is the speed.

"What?" you say. "You just said it wasn't about the speed!"

Well it isn't. At least, it isn't about the speed of the army itself. The difference is in the turn taking speed...

I have a total model count of 43 in my Eldar army, but in the early turns of the game, I'm never moving more than 13 models. That's a farseer, his six warlock buddies, and six grav tanks.

My ork horde has a total model count of 111, and none of them are in transports. Assuming I reserve my deffkoptas like usual, I have 102 models to move from the very beginning of the game. Granted, they start dropping like flies as they start running across the board, but that's still a crapload of figures to move each turn... and frankly, I'm just too doggone lazy for that.

Add to that comparison the fact that my fire dragons always hop out, kill something, and die... plus the fact that my storm guardians never disembark until turn five when I'm trying to mop up small units or force someone off of an objective... and you see there's a huge difference in the amount of effort it takes to play each army.

And effort, of course, translates into time... which is sorely lacking in my life these days. I rarely ever even get to play the game, and the last few that I have played have been cut short for one reason or another. Because it takes me so much less time to take each turn with the Eldar, I prefer running them.

I also don't have to deal with the yawns from across the table as I move my 100+ guys.
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