Blood Angels Combat Patrol

I wanted to start a Blood Angels army back when the codex was a free download, but it never panned out, so when the new codex hit I decided I'd go ahead and jump on it. However, I didn't want to be just another bandwagon Blood Angel player... so I decided to do things a little differently. I would make my Blood Angels out of Dark Angels models. As it turns out, with two boxes of Dark Angels veterans, you can build a five-man tactical squad and a five-man assault squad! Wooohooo! (Note: If you want jump packs, you'll need extra bits.)

So off to eBay I went, purchasing two packs of vets and two razorbacks. My goal was to purchase only units that I would someday want in a 1500 point army, since that's the point total at which we normally play. Once everything was assembled and painted well enough so as not to be embarrassed, I ended up with this:

The paint job was as follows (more for my memory than anything else... I doubt anybody would want to duplicate my shoddy paint job):

  • black basecoat
  • Robes - mechrite red, blood red highlight, baal red wash
  • Shoulder Pads - mithril silver trim
  • Weapons - boltgun metal, badab black wash
  • Eyes - iyanden darksun
My combat patrol list will be:
  • Librarian (shackle soul, smite) 100
  • Assault Squad (5 marines, 1x meltagun, sergeant w/ power weapon & meltabombs, razorback) 150
  • Tactical Squad (5 marines, sergeant w/ meltabombs, razorback) 150
(Note: I know I have the lascannons shown in the picture. I didn't glue the turret together, so it will be easy to switch back. I also know that the assault squad sergeant has a plasma pistol. Whenever I make it to 1500, he'll have one. For now, we're ignoring it.)
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