Finally Gaming Again

I've been missing in action lately... not a single post since February, so completely consumed by grad school that I haven't had the time to play games much at all, much less write about them. And let's face it... when gaming time is cut, the actual gaming comes before the the blogging. But my semester has ended, and my schedule has returned to normal, so I'm back!

I've got quite a bit to write about over the next few weeks though. I'm looking forward to...
  • getting back into the Google Wave based Rifts campaign (and actually blogging about it a bit)
  • showing off my new Blood Angels successor chapter (with which I'll need some help with the fluff)
  • writing some about 500 point games of 40K (not quite combat patrol)

I also caught wind that a new D&D campaign is in the works nearby, so if I get the opportunity to participate, I'll be sure to share some on that as well.

Ahhhhh, it's good to have the time and energy to write again...
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