General Blog Updates... A Network Drop-Out

Since it's been so long since I've been able to keep the blog updated, I figured my return should be accompanied by a little housecleaning and remodeling. I'll start with reorganizing my tags, and then go on with some visual changes. While I like the color scheme as it is now, I really want a new banner, so I'll spend some time working on a new one. If nothing else, I'll at least change the picture on the right. I'd like to make my painted 40K figures more prominent than the pre-painted D&D black dragon that currently dominates the top half of the graphic, and I want less books.

Yeah, it seems pointless to post a picture of the banner now, but when I get around to changing the one at the top, I'll  still have this one posted here for nostalgia.

In other news, it seems I've been dropped from the Bell of Lost Souls and From the Warp networks. I'm not sure why... perhaps I haven't posted often enough or I've posted about RPGs too often... or perhaps it's just technical difficulties... but regardless of the reason, I'm okay with getting dropped. I'm not going to try to get added to their lists again, but I'll continue to support both sites with links to them in my sidebar, and I'll continue to visit them on a regular basis. I like what they do... I just don't want to bug them about putting me back in the rotation. My content isn't really specific to wargames, and although I have posted quite a bit about Warhammer 40K over the last year or so, I always felt guilty when I was on their websites and noticed an Outsyder Gaming link there with an NPC Spotlight as my last post. I never had that guilty feeling with the RPGBN because they accepted the RSS feed for my RPG posts rather than the feed for the whole site. All in all, FTW and BoLS probably weren't good fits for Outsyder Gaming anyway.

Enough rambling... time to work on the blog and wait for responses to the Google Wave Rifts campaign.
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