Toys in Orkland

I am amazed by some of the scratch built projects and conversions that I stumble across online from time to time. I like to think that I have the creativity to pull off a cool project, but then I stumble across something truly grande and doubt myself. Even if I possessed the creativity, I doubt I would be able to find the time!

I don't play Apocalypse... but if I did, I'd want an Ork Stompa... that's right, one of these:

However, it costs quite a bit of cash. Irondog Studios made one of these out of a Mr. Potato Head toy... and holy crap, it is cool. Check it out for yourself!

A Decking We Will Go

I've been playing around with goofy blue-green control decks in multiplayer Magic: The Gathering games for a long time. There's just something about drawing playing a lot of goofy stuff, looking completely worthless, and then coming out of nowhere to win at the last second that appeals to me. This is my current favorite, a blue-green milling combo deck:

A Decking We Will Go
Vintage Legal
6x Island
3x Forest
4x Yavimaya Coast
4x Simic Growth Chamber
2x Breeding Pool
2x Lonely Sandbar
2x Tranquil Thicket

4x Ravenous Baloth
4x Fog Bank

4x Moment's Peace
4x Helm of Awakening
4x Rites of Flourishing
3x Future Sight
3x Capsize
3x Sensei's Divining Top
3x Emerald Medallion
2x Jace Beleren
2x Brain Freeze
1x Hunting Pack

How It Works
As I mentioned before, this deck sits around and does a whole bunch of nothing for quite some time. Sure, you're drawing a bunch of cards and trying to stay alive, but the intent is to look harmless for as long as possible. Eventually, you should manage to get Sensei's Divining Top, Helm of Awakening, and Future Sight into play together. At this point, you can draw as many cards as you want, play the top over and over and over again, and then fire off a Brain Freeze with a huge storm count. If you can't deck your opponent, a large number of 4/4 beast tokens from Hunting Pack can also do the job in a pinch.

I don't run any counterspells in this deck, and that leaves the deck vulnerable to all kinds of shenanigans. The most threatening cards are those that can destroy multiple enchantments and/or artifacts at a time. Pernicious Deed really ruins this deck's day, but even something as simple as Hull Breach can be a real setback.

Future Update
If I ever get around to updating this deck, I'll definitely switch the Emerald Medallions for Sapphire Medallions and add Misty Rainforests. I would at least give Kami of the Crescent Moon a glance, since it furthers my win condition and can play defense in a pinch.
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