Caestus Assault Ram... Not for Blood Angels?

Well, I just read a bunch of the buzz about the Caestus Assault Ram over on Bell of Lost Souls and a few of their blog network sites. One of the posts that really stuck out for me was the one on The Two Most Expensive Hobbies Ever. Apparently, DrLove42 is a fellow Eldar player, and I agree with his assessment that Eldar had better get some love soon. Our fast skimmer supremacy is fading fast, if it isn't gone already. He mentioned that every Space Marine army can now take a fast skimmer, and since I play Blood Angels, I immediately thought, "Awesome! Maybe I should get one!"

To my dismay, I pulled up the experimental rules for the Caestus Assault Ram only to find that they are available to Space Marines, Black Templars, Space Wolves, or Dark Angels... but NOT my Blood Angels! After a moment of irritation, a just sighed and let it go... I wouldn't have paid a hundred bucks for a Forgeworld model with just experimental rules anyway.

But then it hit me... Blood Angels don't need a fast skimmer... we already have one... and it doesn't currently have an official model. This kit would be the perfect counts-as model the Stormraven Gunship! Ron (of From the Warp fame) already alluded that this might be the actual model or a counts-as back in March. As it turns out, he wasn't too far off!

I might end up getting one after all...
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