Finally! A New Banner

Yes, I finally got around to creating a new banner for the site. Yes, I know I first mentioned it months ago. Yes, I did start on it then... it just got put off when other things started popping up on my schedule. Finally, I decided to post a "work in progress" version just because I was tired of thinking back to the work I put into it when I first started and the shame that I'd feel if I did all that work and never posted it. Given my current schedule and the small chance that I'll ever get around to touching up the flaws, I figured I should throw it on here as is. I can always fix it later, right?

It did take quite a bit of work... much more than the last one, but I think the extra work was worth the effort. A more experienced graphic artist could probably whip something like this up in far less time, but I was new to the whole GIMP 2.0 thing and I had a lot of learning to do. As I mentioned before, I'm still not quite satisfied with the result... the edges didn't come out quite right when I was making colors transparent and that kind of thing... but I do think it is better than the last one, and it is infinitely better than the first few that I had on the site.

Now, back to grad school work... hopefully I'll be able to get some real writing and/or playing done in the next week or two!
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