Reaper Miniatures Purchase

What do you do when you've accumulated three or four dollars in eBay Bucks and they're going to expire soon, but you don't have enough money to just use them like a coupon for a bigger purchase? You buy something cheap... and in this case, it was my first Reaper miniature, Dilean Softstep the Half-Elf Rogue. I would probably have gotten more use out of some Warhammer 40K bits, but after writing yesterday about my first experience painting a miniature, I decided to go for something I might someday use for D&D. It was a quick decision, made amidst grad school work when I remembered that my eBay Bucks would expire soon, so I hope the model lives up to my expectations. If he doesn't, I'll just add him to the Outsyder Gaming store and forget about him until someone else shows interest. In any case, if I do decide to keep the model, I'll post pics whenever I get him painted to my (admittedly amateur) standards.
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