Kitbashing for Cheap Assault Terminators

I normally prefer to purchase full kits so that I get all of the extra bits. However, once I realized that I was getting a set of terminator legs in each set of Dark Angels veterans, I decided I'd grab some bits online and kitbash my way to a cheap squad of terminators. I won't be able to complete the squad until I purchase more of the five or six Dark Angels veterans boxes on my shopping list, but I'll be able to spend extra time painting them and I may go ahead and run the sanguinary priest with terminator armor that I've been thinking about so much lately.

Legs = Dark Angels style, came with another kit (effectively free)
Torsos =  Standard style, K&K Gaming & Bits ($9.50)
Heads & Bases = Standard style, Red Dragon Games ($5.81)
Thunder Hammers & Storm Shields = Space Wolf style, GameQuest Online ($11.99)

Total: $27.30
Regular Price: $50.00

Needless to say, I'm a little excited about saving so much money. As soon as I receive all of the bits and throw a few together, I'll share the results.

Note: Yes, I know there are no shoulder pads on these guys... I'll be using some from the Dark Angels veterans boxes for one side for sure. I haven't decided whether or not to use DA shoulder pads on both sides or to find some blank ones.

Cheapest Wound Tricks With Nobz

This is nothing new to most of you 40K veterans, but it is fairly new to my gaming group. Actually, the concept isn't new at all, but actually getting to use it is. Our resident ork player doesn't like the idea of having to remove multi-wound models as wounds are accumulated... he would rather spread them around the unit. Unfortunately, his mob of nobz is just two sets of Black Reach nobz, so they're all identical. So that his army list will need the least amount of tweaking, I wanted to figure out the cheapest (points-wise) way to add a painboy and equip each model differently just as a mental exercise. This is what I came up with... correct me if I missed something.

Nob #1 (Slugga/Choppa)
Nob #2 (Slugga/Choppa/'Eavy Armor)
Nob #3 (Slugga/Choppa/Bosspole)
Nob #4 (Slugga/Choppa/Ammo Runt)
Nob #5 (Slugga/Big Choppa)
Nob #6 (Twin-Linked Shoota/Choppa)
Nob #7 (Kombi-Rokkit/Choppa)
Nob #8 (Kombi-Rokkit/Choppa/Ammo Runt)
Nob #9 (Kombi-Skorcha/Choppa)

Total: 271

Now, honestly... I wouldn't really like this setup at all. I want at least two power klaws, I think, and I'm not a big fan of the kombi-rokkits at all. Also, I know Jeremiah will want to do whatever it takes to make his saves better. So realistically, I think the squad will eventually look something like:

Nob #1 (Slugga/Choppa/'Eavy Armor/Cybork Body)
Nob #2 (Slugga/Power Klaw/'Eavy Armor/Cybork Body)
Nob #3 (Slugga/Power Klaw/'Eavy Armor/Cybork Body)
Nob #4 (Slugga/Big Choppa/'Eavy Armor/Cybork Body)
Nob #5 (Twin-Linked Shoota/Choppa/'Eavy Armor/Cybork Body)
Nob #6 (Twin-Linked Shoota/Choppa/'Eavy Armor/Cybork Body)
Nob #7 (Kombi-Skorcha/Choppa/'Eavy Armor/Cybork Body)
Nob #8 (Slugga/Choppa/'Eavy Armor/Cybork Body/Bosspole)
Nob #9 (Slugga/Choppa/'Eavy Armor/Cybork Body/Waaagh! Banner)

Total: 420

It's about an extra 150 points, but it's a lot more deadly... I'm not looking forward to seeing the battlewagon carrying these guys...

"Fixing" Nonstandard Bases for 1-Inch Grids

I mentioned last week that I didn't like it when I couldn't get a miniature onto a standard shaped base. Fortunately, fixing the issue isn't too big of a deal. Today, we'll look at how I fixed Dilean Softstep, the half-elf rogue and made him fit almost perfectly on a standard round base. There may be a better tool out there for the job than wire cutters, but just trying to fix things without spending extra money, and that's what I had on hand:

  • a hobby knife
  • a round plastic base
  • super glue
  • wire cutters 
  • and of course, the model

The process isn't difficult at all... just use the wire cutters to start cutting off large chunks of the base, but make sure to leave a the feet and a strip between them intact. It should look something like this:

When finished, just glue it into the slot in the round base. If it doesn't quite fit, make any adjustments you need with the hobby knife. The end result:

Clearly, that left foot is still hanging over the edge, but it is a ton better than the original overhang. Now, whenever that D&D game I keep hoping for gets started, I'll have something unique in our group... a PC not represented by a model from the D&D Miniatures range!

Blood Angel Chunks?

Lately, I've been breaking up armies into 500 point chunks in order to lessen the preparation time on game night (more detail here). In the last post of this series (at least until someone in my group starts collecting another army), things are a little different. For the Blood Angels, only Chunk #1 is set in stone. Nothing has even been purchased for the other chunks yet, so I'm especially open to and in need of suggestions here!

Chunk #1 (500 points)
HQ: Librarian
Troops: Assault Squad (Meltagun, Power Weapon, +2 Marines)
Transport: Rhino
Troops: Tactical Squad (+1 Marine)
Transport: Rhino
Elite: Sanguinary Priest (Power Weapon)

Notes: The librarian and sanguinary priest ride with the assault marines. Giving the sergeant a storm bolter may seem a little unusual, but when I finished the list I found that I had three points left over, so it was just an easy little upgrade to burn the extra points.

Chunk #2 (485 points)
HQ: Honor Guard (Hand Flamer x4)
Troops: Tactical Squad Upgrade (+4 Marines, Missile Launcher, Flamer)
Troops: Assault Squad (Meltagun, Power Weapon, +2 Marines)
Transport: Razorback
Elite: Sanguinary Priest (Terminator Armor)

Notes: The tactical marines are an upgrade to the squad in Chunk #1. Transports get traded around so that assault squads have rhinos and the honor guard has a razorback, while the tactical marines stay on foot. The sanguinary priest in terminator armor will likely join the tactical squad to hold the objective since he can't ride in any of these transports.

Chunk #3 (515 points)
Elite: Terminator Assault Squad (Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield x3)
Transport: Land Raider Redeemer (Multi-Melta)
Transport: Rhino

Notes: The sanguinary priest in terminator armor joins the terminator assault squad. The rhino goes to the tactical squad.

I really wanted to fit in a Furioso Dreadnought, but I despise multi-part metal models, so I'll have to convert one. Until I decide how to do the conversion, that option is out of the picture.

And that concludes the chunking series... for now, at least!

Min/Maxing in Rifts... No Fun

Kind of a random post this time... just sharing what I happened to be thinking about yesterday. While checking out some more ideas on where to migrate the Rifts Wave campaign, the WAAC and optimization post I wrote recently popped into my head, and the two ideas merged for a moment. I really enjoy character optimization, but I realized that I've never really attempted it in Rifts. I'm not sure exactly why, but I think it has to do with what I get out of optimization on a personal level.

In a game like D&D (at least the more recent editions), in which the game designers attempted to make the different classes somewhat balanced, I enjoy trying to beat the system. I enjoy trying to figure out the best way to make something work within a set of guidelines. It is a challenge that I find satisfying. Also, I know that no matter how well I do, the other players shouldn't (in theory, at least) be too far behind me even if they aren't trying too hard.

Rifts is completely different. Things are wildly unbalanced already and it isn't hard to create a super-powerful character (just play a godling... or a dragon hatchling... or heaven forbid, play a cosmo knight). There isn't much of a challenge in creating a super-powered character. In Rifts, I would much rather play a purposefully mediocre character and see how long I can keep him alive in a world full of superbeings. That's the challenge in Rifts... so min/maxing isn't any fun at all!

Anybody thinking the same way?

Multi-Race Single Player in Dawn of War II: Retribution

Apparently, the next add-on for Dawn of War II will allow players to choose their race to play through the single player campaign. So far, the only non-Blood Raven choice we know about is the orks, but the announcement made it clear that other races will be options as well. All I've got to say is that Eldar had better be an option! Honestly, if they aren't, I'll still probably play the game... but I'll be disappointed.


Teaser Video:

Sanguinary Priest Conversion

I wanted a sanguinary priest that looked authentic but not the same as everyone else's, so I threw this guy together. I'm quite proud of this particular kitbash...
  • Head: command squad apothecary
  • Front Torso: Black Templar tabard
  • Back Torso: space marine commander cape
  • Backpack: command squad apothecary
  • Legs: space marine commander
  • Left Arm: command squad apothecary
  • Left Shoulder Pad: command squad apothecary
  • Right Arm: assault marines power weapon
  • Right Shoulder Pad: Dark Angels veteran

I only wish my painting skills could do this model justice... I'll share results whenever I get around to painting him...

Google Wave Rifts Campaign... Smartphone Access?

I've been looking through suggestions that people made last week when I wrote about the demise of Google Wave and the necessity of moving the Rifts campaign to another locale online. I want to thank everyone who stopped by and left me advice. I checked all of the suggestions, scoped out a few other potential places, and I'm still not 100% sure where the campaign will end up.

Most of the tools that were suggested seemed more suited to live sessions... OpenRPG, for example. I also really like the look of RPTools. However, with players in different time zones, I'd like to avoid the hassle of trying to set up live sessions. I would prefer to find something that is simple enough that Matt could keep up with on his smartphone if his computer (which has been notoriously unreliable) goes on the fritz again. Making the game smartphone friendly would make it easier for me to respond as well. A message board might be best... perhaps something like the forum tab in Obsidian Portal? Anybody ever used smartphones to facilitate an RPG?

I'll be researching this a bit more in the coming days. Matt and Quim, I'll keep you updated.

Tau Chunks

Lately, I've been breaking up armies into 500 point chunks in order to lessen the preparation time on game night (more detail here). Today, we're going to look at how I divided Eric's Tau into chunks. Of all the armies I've done this with, the Tau were the most difficult for me. This is the codex with which I'm the least familiar, and there are a lot of choices Eric made as far as equipping and modeling his army that I'm not sure I understand. That said, I'm going to give it a whirl anyway! Advice is welcome!

Chunk #1 (500 points)
HQ: Commander (Airbursting Fragmentation Launcher, Cyclic Ion Blaster, Positional Relay, Stimulant Injector)
Troops: 6 Fire Warriors (Drone Controller, Gun Drones x2)
Troops: 6 Fire Warriors (Drone Controller, Gun Drones x2)
Heavy Support: 3 Broadsides (Drone Controller, Gun Drones x2)

Notes: The anti-tank is a little overkill here, I know... and the broadsides could really benefit from the upgrade that lets you shoot at different targets with models in the same unit.

Chunk #2 (491 points)
Troops: 6 Fire Warriors (Drone Controller, Gun Drone x1, Marker Drone x1)
Elite: 3 Crisis Battlesuits (Missile Pod x3, Plasma Rifle x3, Multi-Tracker x2, Target Lock x1, Drone Controller, Gun Drones x2)
Elite: 3 Crisis Battlesuits (Twin-linked Plasma Rifles, Drone Controller, Gun Drones x2)

Notes: The crisis suits are critical here, and Eric usually tries to deep strike them where they can hit rear armor with plasma rifles. It usually works for him.

Chunk #3 (503 points)
Troops: 6 Fire Warriors (Drone Controller, Gun Drones x2)
Elite: 3 Crisis Battlesuits (Twin-linked Flamers, Drone Controller, Gun Drones x2)
Heavy Support: Hammerhead (Rail Gun, Target Lock)
Heavy Support: Hammerhead (Rail Gun, Target Lock)

Notes: My favorites finally make it in...the hammerheads... I love big templates...

As I said before, suggestions are welcome and needed, especially for this particular list! Next time, we'll take a look at Blood Angel chunks!

BoLS Interview with Producer of THQ's Space Marine

I didn't even know that this video game was in production... but I'm excited to hear about it. I certainly can't wait to get my hands on it... although I should probably work on playing through the rest of Dawn of War II, Fallout 3, and Mass Effect 2 before I purchase another video game...

Here's the first clip of the interview:

Check out the BoLS site for parts two and three. You won't be disappointed!


Okay, so I read a comment on another blog about how WAAC (Win At All Costs) players are people who are hardcore competitive gamers. I disagree, and I think the opinions of folks like me are under-represented online because people like me don't fully fall on either side of the issue.

Personally, I'm not a hardcore competitive player for two reasons:

  • because I don't have the time or money to compete with the better competitive players out there. 
  • because I'm too anti-copycat to run with a xeroxed netlist. Admittedly, I might incorporate elements from one... but something would have to make it "mine."

But I do appreciate hardcore gamers and what they bring to the table. Back in the day, when I considered myself a competitive Magic: The Gathering player, I still had the "make it mine" tendency, and that almost always resulted in me running decks that were less than optimal. However... I took the time to play against opponents who did run optimal decks, and who were better players than me in general, so that when tournament time came I would have the best chance of winning given my self-imposed restrictions. Was it irritating to lose to netdecks? Of course it was! But I valued the netdecks and the guys who played the netdecks because they helped me improve my skills.

I think we need to redefine what WAAC really means. "All costs" implies that anything is acceptable as long as it results in a win. Are the penalties of cheating a potential cost? Why, yes they are. Thus, if you're willing to win at all costs, you're also willing to cheat... and therein lies the difference between min/max players and WAAC players. Min/max players are not necessarily willing to cheat to win. Some people see optimizing an army list as cheating. But is it cheating to pick the most powerful and cost effective units? I think not. Unfortunately, many (if not most) cheaters look like your run of the mill min/max players until you catch them in the act... thus the confusion.

Perhaps the pure min/max players, who will milk every advantage from their chosen codex but keep the moral high ground at the table, need a new acronym to differentiate them from the true WAAC players. I suggest WAACWASN. What does it stand for? Simple! Win At All Costs Within Acceptable Social Norms! Yes, it's a mouthful, but is isn't that much more difficult to wrap your tongue around than WYSIWYG, right?

To the whiners:
True min/max players, WAACWASN players if you will, don't need to cheat. If your tactics suck, your knowledge of the game is sub-par, and you picked units because they looked pretty, a min/max player will table you and stay entirely within the game rules. Tell your friends whatever makes you feel better, but if you can't beat the leafblower with your same old units and same old tactics, maybe "same old" needs to adapt to the new trends... or you could at least quit complaining about it.

And if you find that he is a cheat, then you've discovered one of two things: either he isn't a true min/max player, or you're competent enough to be a credible challenge to a min/max player. In the first case, he wasn't a true min/max player at all, so you shouldn't lump him in with the min/max guys anymore. In the second case, you should feel good about yourself. In either case, you should kick him in the balls and never play him again.

Okay, okay... kicking him in the balls is taking things a little too far... but you get the point.

Reaper Miniatures Purchase: Arrival!

I received the miniature that I ordered a few weeks ago in the mail and took some time this morning to look over the model. Overall, I like it. The pose is active, the detail is great, and it is aesthetically appealing in general. However, I do have a few complaints...

Complaint #1: This miniature comes on a nonstandard base. What do I mean by nonstandard? I mean not square or circular. Before any miniature enthusiasts fuss at me, let me explain... I don't care what shape the bases are as long as I can glue it to the top of a standard one and just move on. This one hangs off of the edge of a standard base too much for my taste... so I'll have to work on it some.

Complaint #2: The miniature has an unusually large forearm on one side, which gives it a Popeye look from certain angles (see here). I took some time to whittle that arm down with a hobby knife, but in the process I lost a lot of the muscle detail.

Complaint #3: This is really nit-picky, and perhaps just my personal laziness, but I can't stand when a mold line runs through a finely detailed section of a model. In this case, the offending lines run through the fabric on the shoulders. It is a royal pain to dig those out!

Overall, I'd still give this model a 7 out of 10, and I'm going to enjoy using it if we ever get around to playing D&D again around here. I guess the big question now is... who's going to DM? I mentioned a few weeks ago that I'd like to run an old school dungeon crawl, a Destroy All Monsters adventure, if you will... but as much as I would like to, I doubt that I'll have the time.

Here's hoping that Matt will step up and be the DM for a while... and maybe I can use this model as my PC... I always look forward to those rare opportunities for me to experience the player's side of the screen!

Ranged Weapons for Terminator Sanguinary Priests?

With my Blood Angels, I've been toying with the idea of running a "hammer" unit of five assault terminators + sanguinary priest in terminator armor. However, I've come upon a little trouble. When I first thought about running this unit, I just assumed that the priest would either get a storm bolter to go with the armor like most terminators have, or that he would get to keep his bolt pistol. However, I can't find any evidence in the text that either of these is the case. If I'm reading my codex correctly...

  • To get terminator armor, the sanguinary priest must "replace all wargear." He gets terminator armor, a power sword, and a Chalice of Blood instead.
  • The terminator armor entry doesn't mention anything about it coming standard with a storm bolter.
  • In order to get a storm bolter, the priest must replace his bolt pistol, which is already gone if he has traded in all of his wargear for terminator armor.

Thus, there is no way to get a ranged weapon!

Honestly, game-wise this doesn't bother me at all. This priest will be running with assault terminators, and they don't have ranged weapons either, so he'll fit in just fine. What bothers me is that I can't figure out what to do with the other hand. I have power sword bits... that's no problem. What I don't have is a right arm in terminator armor that isn't holding a weapon of some sort. I'm not a big fan of greenstuff at all, so sculpting a chalice is probably out of the question. I'm tempted to just snip of a weapon and have him run around just clenching his fist, perhaps a raised clenched fist ("Power to the people!").

The best conversions I've seen can be found here, but scanning through the forum, I didn't notice anyone mention another weapon... and I don't have Space Hulk to mine for bits. Any conversion ideas? Bits I can get from other kits? other companies, even?

Space Marine Chunks

Lately, I've been breaking up armies into 500 point chunks in order to lessen the preparation time on game night (more detail here). Today, we're going to look at how I've broken down Matt's Space Marines.

Chunk #1 (490 points)
HQ: Captain (Power Weapon)
Troops: 5 Tactical Marines
Troops: 5 Tactical Marines
Elite: Dreadnought (CCW, Multi-Melta)
Elite: Dreadnought (CCW, Multi-Melta)

Notes: Nothing special here... just typical Space Marine stuff from the Assault on Black Reach set.

Chunk #2 (500 points)
Elite: 5 Terminators (Cyclone Missile Launcher x1)
Heavy Support: Land Raider Crusader (Multi-Melta, Storm Bolter)

Notes: I would probably run this as the third chunk and take more bodies, but I know how Matt loves the land raider. 

Chunk #3 (500 points)
Troops: 5 Tactical Marines (Flamer, Missile Launcher)
Troops: 5 Tactical Marines (Flamer, Missile Launcher)
Elite: 5 Terminators (Assault Cannon, Chainfists x2)
Fast Attack: 5 Assault Marines

Notes: The tactical marines here are not actually independent squads, but additions to the squads in Chunk #1. I'll split each one into combat squads with the sergeant & flamer in one squad and the missile launcher in the other... one a little more aggressive and assault-based and the other an objective holder. Matt, if you're reading this... one of us needs to finish that unit of assault marines or Chunk #3 isn't going to work.

Next time, we'll take a look at Tau chunks!

No More Google Wave RPGs?

I was saddened when I heard about Google deciding not to keep Wave around. Like many RPGers with dreams of playing online, I started a Rifts game in Google Wave almost as soon as I received my invite. Unfortunately, real life took me away from the game for quite some time and then as soon as I thought we were going to get rolling again, one of my players had a major computer issue. Normally, the loss of a player won't ruin a game, but when you only start with two, that's half the party gone.

Google did mention creating tools to liberate content from waves, so I'll be looking forward to those... because I really enjoyed the time that we did get to play and I'm not ready to give up yet. My thanks go out to Quim and Matt (and Eric too, I guess, even though he bailed on the game within the first few days) for playing and being patient with a GM who overestimated the time he had for gaming.

Here's hoping that the adventures of Frederick von Wittgenstein and Kendrick Mason continue in the near future!

Battle Report: Blood Angels & Tau vs. Space Marines & Orks

Yes, yes, I know that this setup of teams is pretty unlikely as far as 40K fluff goes... Tau vs Orks isn't hard to believe, but why would imperial forces make alliances with xenos and then fight against one another alongside their newfound allies? Honestly, I don't know. We all brought 500 point armies and rolled randomly to see who would be on which team. In any case, the armies looked like this:

Team #1
Blood Angels (Me)
HQ: Librarian (Fear of the Darkness, The Sanguine Sword)
Troops: 5 Assault Marines (Meltagun x1, Power Weapon x1, Plasma Pistol x1)
Transport: Razorback (Twin-linked Lascannon)
Troops: 5 Tactical Marines
Transport: Rhino
Elite: Sanguinary Priest (Hand Flamer)

Tau (Eric)
HQ: Commander (Airbursting Fragmentation Launcher, Cyclic Ion Blaster)
Troops: 6 Fire Warriors
Troops: 6 Fire Warriors
Elite: 3 Crisis Battlesuits (Twin-linked Plasma Rifles)
Heavy Support: Broadside
Heavy Support: Broadside

Team #2
Space Marines (Matt)
HQ: Captain (Power Weapon)
Troops: 5 Tactical Marines
Troops: 5 Tactical Marines
Elite: Dreadnought (CCW, Multi-Melta)
Elite: Dreadnought (CCW, Multi-Melta)

Orks (Jeremiah)
HQ: Weirdboy (Warphead)
Troops: 10 Boyz (Big Shoota x1)
Troops: 10 Boyz (Big Shoota x1)
Troops: 10 Boyz (Big Shoota x1)
Fast Attack: 2 Deffkoptas (Rokkit Launchas)
Fast Attack: 2 Deffkoptas (Rokkit Launchas)
Fast Attack: 1 Deffkoptas (Rokkit Launchas)

We've been playing an unusually high number of pitched battle annihilation games lately, so we agreed to reroll if we got those results this time. We ended up with a capture & control mission with spearhead deployment. We then set up our terrain in our usual fashion: pick a piece or two of terrain per player, take turns placing them, and then roll scatter dice for their final position. We ended up with a ton of terrain in the very center of the board, and nothing special anywhere else (other than the hills and skulls that are on the battle board already). Lastly, we used paint pots as objective markers.

The Battlefield Pre-Deployment
The Battlefield Post-Deployment

Battle Highlights
Unfortunately, we were pressed for time and I missed quite a few opportunities to take snapshots, so a play-by-play is out of the question. However, the battle itself was pretty interesting. 
  • I was really worried that my transports would get popped by all of the rokkit launchas and multi-meltas, but the dice rolled my way and both tanks survived until the end of the game (although the lascannon got destroyed and the rhino got immobilized).
  • Jeremiah didn't know about instant death, and found that he really liked killing multi-wound crisis suits with one hit from rokkits.
  • Most of Matt's Space Marines got knocked out in a single round of shooting from the Tau. He was running them across the board toward our objective, and they went from a sizable infantry force to a single tactical marine in just a single round of fire warrior, commander, and crisis suit fire.
  • Eric's broadsides, which should be anti-tank, never did any damage to any vehicles! The one round that they got to shoot at Matt's dreadnoughts, the dice failed terribly... and afterward, Matt did a great job of using terrain to block line of sight.

In the end, the Blood Angels and Tau won the day. The Blood Angels were able to defeat the boyz guarding their objective and the Tau made quick work of the weirdboy and boyz that teleported near their objective at the end of the game.

Experimenting with Cheap Paint

Browsing through a local craft store the other day, I noticed lots of cheap paint, and I figured I'd give it a shot on some miniatures. I sampled a bunch of the stuff, and the most expensive bottle I purchased was less than $2... so even if they all suck, I'm not out much money. The best part about these paints is that they come in bottles of two fluid ounces, which is significantly greater than the 0.4 fluid ounces in a Games Workshop paint pot. Not only do these paints cost less, but they have the potential to last much longer as well.

I can't offer my opinion as an expert painter (because let's face it, I'm an amateur). However, I can say that I like the results of the time I spent playing around with a few of these paints and the Thraka Green wash. Mint julep green (Americana brand), with some old parchment (Ceramcoat brand) mixed in for the highlights provided a great base to cover with GW's green wash.

More experimenting will follow soon, and I'm hoping to get a few models completely finished rather than just "close enough to not look crappy," which is my usual standard. I'll post progress as it goes...

Better Than Jawaballs?

Who is Jawaballs, you ask? Well, if you're not "in the know," he's one of the top Warhammer 40K bloggers out there, and he focuses on Blood Angels. You can find his site here. Let me go ahead and clarify: I know I'm not a better painter than Jawaballs and I'm probably not a better player than Jawaballs either... but something strange happened to me a week or so ago when I was teaching a few friends of mine how to play 40K... allow me to share...

I was showing off all of my armies to the newcomers, and when my Blood Angels came up, I had to suffer through this conversation about the guys I had spent a ton of time planning, assembling, and painting:

"Oh, these are cool... they look like Ewoks!"
"No, they don't. They aren't furry. They look like those other guys... the ones who sell robots."
"Whatever. They're still cute. What were those guys called, anyway?"
"I think they were Jawas."
"Yeah, that's it!"

Immediately, I slapped myself in the forehead. My Blood Angels do look like Jawas!
It all started with my interest in the Blood Angels. I first found them interesting because their codex was a free download, but the more I read about them, the more I liked them. I ended up purchasing the codex within a few weeks of its release. However, I didn't want my Blood Angels to look like everybody else's... so I decided I wanted to use Dark Angels veterans as the basis for all of my marines.

I really liked the look of the Death Company, so I was really attached to the idea of black power armor, but I still wanted them to be primarily red, so I decided to paint the robes red. And the eyes? I wanted them to stand out, so I painted them sunburst yellow! And what did I end up with? Pretty good Jawa marines...

I got to feel like a dummy, my friends got a good laugh at my expense, and I now I get to write about the infamous Jawaballs on my blog. I guess all's well in the end. So am I better than Jawaballs? No... but I bet my Blood Angels look more like Jawas than anything he's ever modeled... and I did it by accident! :-)

Ork Chunks

Lately, I've been breaking up armies into 500 point chunks in order to lessen the preparation time on game night (more detail here). Today, we're going to look at how the Orks have been broken down. Keep in mind that, other than the weirdboy, this entire list was made from the Assault on Black Reach boxed set models. What can I say? I wanted another army and needed it to be cheap!

Chunk #1 (500 points)
HQ: Weirdboy (Warphead)
Troops: 20 Boyz (Big Shoota x2)
Troops: 20 Boyz (Big Shoota x2)
Troops: 10 Boyz (Big Shoota x1)
Fast Attack: 2 Deffkoptas (Rokkit Launchas)

Notes: I like the weirdboy a lot... I think he's really under-appreciated. Yes, he can blow up your boyz (and himself) if you roll badly, but the shooting attacks are nothing to sneeze at, and the teleportation ability has always been beneficial to me.

Chunk #2 (490 points)
Elite: 10 Nobz
Elite: 10 Nobz
Fast Attack: 2 Deffkoptas (Rokkit Launchas)

Notes: This chunk brings out the big boys... eventually I want to do some conversions so that the nobz are equipped differently and I can play tricks with wound allocation, but I haven't had the time yet.

Chunk #3 (505 points)
HQ: Warboss (Power Klaw)
Troops: 20 Boyz (Big Shoota x2)
Troops: 10 Boyz (Big Shoota x1)
Fast Attack: 5 Deffkoptas (Rokkit Launchas)

Notes: It is important to remember that the warboss makes one of the nob units a troop choice... here's hoping I don't forget when it matters. Boyz can be combined with previous units into squads of up to 30... I prefer four squads of 20. The same is true for deffkoptas, but with a cap of five per unit. I prefer three squads of 3 or a 5/4 split.

Next time, we'll take a look at Space Marine chunks!
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