Battle Report: Blood Angels & Tau vs. Space Marines & Orks

Yes, yes, I know that this setup of teams is pretty unlikely as far as 40K fluff goes... Tau vs Orks isn't hard to believe, but why would imperial forces make alliances with xenos and then fight against one another alongside their newfound allies? Honestly, I don't know. We all brought 500 point armies and rolled randomly to see who would be on which team. In any case, the armies looked like this:

Team #1
Blood Angels (Me)
HQ: Librarian (Fear of the Darkness, The Sanguine Sword)
Troops: 5 Assault Marines (Meltagun x1, Power Weapon x1, Plasma Pistol x1)
Transport: Razorback (Twin-linked Lascannon)
Troops: 5 Tactical Marines
Transport: Rhino
Elite: Sanguinary Priest (Hand Flamer)

Tau (Eric)
HQ: Commander (Airbursting Fragmentation Launcher, Cyclic Ion Blaster)
Troops: 6 Fire Warriors
Troops: 6 Fire Warriors
Elite: 3 Crisis Battlesuits (Twin-linked Plasma Rifles)
Heavy Support: Broadside
Heavy Support: Broadside

Team #2
Space Marines (Matt)
HQ: Captain (Power Weapon)
Troops: 5 Tactical Marines
Troops: 5 Tactical Marines
Elite: Dreadnought (CCW, Multi-Melta)
Elite: Dreadnought (CCW, Multi-Melta)

Orks (Jeremiah)
HQ: Weirdboy (Warphead)
Troops: 10 Boyz (Big Shoota x1)
Troops: 10 Boyz (Big Shoota x1)
Troops: 10 Boyz (Big Shoota x1)
Fast Attack: 2 Deffkoptas (Rokkit Launchas)
Fast Attack: 2 Deffkoptas (Rokkit Launchas)
Fast Attack: 1 Deffkoptas (Rokkit Launchas)

We've been playing an unusually high number of pitched battle annihilation games lately, so we agreed to reroll if we got those results this time. We ended up with a capture & control mission with spearhead deployment. We then set up our terrain in our usual fashion: pick a piece or two of terrain per player, take turns placing them, and then roll scatter dice for their final position. We ended up with a ton of terrain in the very center of the board, and nothing special anywhere else (other than the hills and skulls that are on the battle board already). Lastly, we used paint pots as objective markers.

The Battlefield Pre-Deployment
The Battlefield Post-Deployment

Battle Highlights
Unfortunately, we were pressed for time and I missed quite a few opportunities to take snapshots, so a play-by-play is out of the question. However, the battle itself was pretty interesting. 
  • I was really worried that my transports would get popped by all of the rokkit launchas and multi-meltas, but the dice rolled my way and both tanks survived until the end of the game (although the lascannon got destroyed and the rhino got immobilized).
  • Jeremiah didn't know about instant death, and found that he really liked killing multi-wound crisis suits with one hit from rokkits.
  • Most of Matt's Space Marines got knocked out in a single round of shooting from the Tau. He was running them across the board toward our objective, and they went from a sizable infantry force to a single tactical marine in just a single round of fire warrior, commander, and crisis suit fire.
  • Eric's broadsides, which should be anti-tank, never did any damage to any vehicles! The one round that they got to shoot at Matt's dreadnoughts, the dice failed terribly... and afterward, Matt did a great job of using terrain to block line of sight.

In the end, the Blood Angels and Tau won the day. The Blood Angels were able to defeat the boyz guarding their objective and the Tau made quick work of the weirdboy and boyz that teleported near their objective at the end of the game.

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