Better Than Jawaballs?

Who is Jawaballs, you ask? Well, if you're not "in the know," he's one of the top Warhammer 40K bloggers out there, and he focuses on Blood Angels. You can find his site here. Let me go ahead and clarify: I know I'm not a better painter than Jawaballs and I'm probably not a better player than Jawaballs either... but something strange happened to me a week or so ago when I was teaching a few friends of mine how to play 40K... allow me to share...

I was showing off all of my armies to the newcomers, and when my Blood Angels came up, I had to suffer through this conversation about the guys I had spent a ton of time planning, assembling, and painting:

"Oh, these are cool... they look like Ewoks!"
"No, they don't. They aren't furry. They look like those other guys... the ones who sell robots."
"Whatever. They're still cute. What were those guys called, anyway?"
"I think they were Jawas."
"Yeah, that's it!"

Immediately, I slapped myself in the forehead. My Blood Angels do look like Jawas!
It all started with my interest in the Blood Angels. I first found them interesting because their codex was a free download, but the more I read about them, the more I liked them. I ended up purchasing the codex within a few weeks of its release. However, I didn't want my Blood Angels to look like everybody else's... so I decided I wanted to use Dark Angels veterans as the basis for all of my marines.

I really liked the look of the Death Company, so I was really attached to the idea of black power armor, but I still wanted them to be primarily red, so I decided to paint the robes red. And the eyes? I wanted them to stand out, so I painted them sunburst yellow! And what did I end up with? Pretty good Jawa marines...

I got to feel like a dummy, my friends got a good laugh at my expense, and I now I get to write about the infamous Jawaballs on my blog. I guess all's well in the end. So am I better than Jawaballs? No... but I bet my Blood Angels look more like Jawas than anything he's ever modeled... and I did it by accident! :-)
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