Blood Angel Chunks?

Lately, I've been breaking up armies into 500 point chunks in order to lessen the preparation time on game night (more detail here). In the last post of this series (at least until someone in my group starts collecting another army), things are a little different. For the Blood Angels, only Chunk #1 is set in stone. Nothing has even been purchased for the other chunks yet, so I'm especially open to and in need of suggestions here!

Chunk #1 (500 points)
HQ: Librarian
Troops: Assault Squad (Meltagun, Power Weapon, +2 Marines)
Transport: Rhino
Troops: Tactical Squad (+1 Marine)
Transport: Rhino
Elite: Sanguinary Priest (Power Weapon)

Notes: The librarian and sanguinary priest ride with the assault marines. Giving the sergeant a storm bolter may seem a little unusual, but when I finished the list I found that I had three points left over, so it was just an easy little upgrade to burn the extra points.

Chunk #2 (485 points)
HQ: Honor Guard (Hand Flamer x4)
Troops: Tactical Squad Upgrade (+4 Marines, Missile Launcher, Flamer)
Troops: Assault Squad (Meltagun, Power Weapon, +2 Marines)
Transport: Razorback
Elite: Sanguinary Priest (Terminator Armor)

Notes: The tactical marines are an upgrade to the squad in Chunk #1. Transports get traded around so that assault squads have rhinos and the honor guard has a razorback, while the tactical marines stay on foot. The sanguinary priest in terminator armor will likely join the tactical squad to hold the objective since he can't ride in any of these transports.

Chunk #3 (515 points)
Elite: Terminator Assault Squad (Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield x3)
Transport: Land Raider Redeemer (Multi-Melta)
Transport: Rhino

Notes: The sanguinary priest in terminator armor joins the terminator assault squad. The rhino goes to the tactical squad.

I really wanted to fit in a Furioso Dreadnought, but I despise multi-part metal models, so I'll have to convert one. Until I decide how to do the conversion, that option is out of the picture.

And that concludes the chunking series... for now, at least!
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