Experimenting with Cheap Paint

Browsing through a local craft store the other day, I noticed lots of cheap paint, and I figured I'd give it a shot on some miniatures. I sampled a bunch of the stuff, and the most expensive bottle I purchased was less than $2... so even if they all suck, I'm not out much money. The best part about these paints is that they come in bottles of two fluid ounces, which is significantly greater than the 0.4 fluid ounces in a Games Workshop paint pot. Not only do these paints cost less, but they have the potential to last much longer as well.

I can't offer my opinion as an expert painter (because let's face it, I'm an amateur). However, I can say that I like the results of the time I spent playing around with a few of these paints and the Thraka Green wash. Mint julep green (Americana brand), with some old parchment (Ceramcoat brand) mixed in for the highlights provided a great base to cover with GW's green wash.

More experimenting will follow soon, and I'm hoping to get a few models completely finished rather than just "close enough to not look crappy," which is my usual standard. I'll post progress as it goes...
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