"Fixing" Nonstandard Bases for 1-Inch Grids

I mentioned last week that I didn't like it when I couldn't get a miniature onto a standard shaped base. Fortunately, fixing the issue isn't too big of a deal. Today, we'll look at how I fixed Dilean Softstep, the half-elf rogue and made him fit almost perfectly on a standard round base. There may be a better tool out there for the job than wire cutters, but just trying to fix things without spending extra money, and that's what I had on hand:

  • a hobby knife
  • a round plastic base
  • super glue
  • wire cutters 
  • and of course, the model

The process isn't difficult at all... just use the wire cutters to start cutting off large chunks of the base, but make sure to leave a the feet and a strip between them intact. It should look something like this:

When finished, just glue it into the slot in the round base. If it doesn't quite fit, make any adjustments you need with the hobby knife. The end result:

Clearly, that left foot is still hanging over the edge, but it is a ton better than the original overhang. Now, whenever that D&D game I keep hoping for gets started, I'll have something unique in our group... a PC not represented by a model from the D&D Miniatures range!
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