Google Wave Rifts Campaign... Smartphone Access?

I've been looking through suggestions that people made last week when I wrote about the demise of Google Wave and the necessity of moving the Rifts campaign to another locale online. I want to thank everyone who stopped by and left me advice. I checked all of the suggestions, scoped out a few other potential places, and I'm still not 100% sure where the campaign will end up.

Most of the tools that were suggested seemed more suited to live sessions... OpenRPG, for example. I also really like the look of RPTools. However, with players in different time zones, I'd like to avoid the hassle of trying to set up live sessions. I would prefer to find something that is simple enough that Matt could keep up with on his smartphone if his computer (which has been notoriously unreliable) goes on the fritz again. Making the game smartphone friendly would make it easier for me to respond as well. A message board might be best... perhaps something like the forum tab in Obsidian Portal? Anybody ever used smartphones to facilitate an RPG?

I'll be researching this a bit more in the coming days. Matt and Quim, I'll keep you updated.
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