Min/Maxing in Rifts... No Fun

Kind of a random post this time... just sharing what I happened to be thinking about yesterday. While checking out some more ideas on where to migrate the Rifts Wave campaign, the WAAC and optimization post I wrote recently popped into my head, and the two ideas merged for a moment. I really enjoy character optimization, but I realized that I've never really attempted it in Rifts. I'm not sure exactly why, but I think it has to do with what I get out of optimization on a personal level.

In a game like D&D (at least the more recent editions), in which the game designers attempted to make the different classes somewhat balanced, I enjoy trying to beat the system. I enjoy trying to figure out the best way to make something work within a set of guidelines. It is a challenge that I find satisfying. Also, I know that no matter how well I do, the other players shouldn't (in theory, at least) be too far behind me even if they aren't trying too hard.

Rifts is completely different. Things are wildly unbalanced already and it isn't hard to create a super-powerful character (just play a godling... or a dragon hatchling... or heaven forbid, play a cosmo knight). There isn't much of a challenge in creating a super-powered character. In Rifts, I would much rather play a purposefully mediocre character and see how long I can keep him alive in a world full of superbeings. That's the challenge in Rifts... so min/maxing isn't any fun at all!

Anybody thinking the same way?
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