No More Google Wave RPGs?

I was saddened when I heard about Google deciding not to keep Wave around. Like many RPGers with dreams of playing online, I started a Rifts game in Google Wave almost as soon as I received my invite. Unfortunately, real life took me away from the game for quite some time and then as soon as I thought we were going to get rolling again, one of my players had a major computer issue. Normally, the loss of a player won't ruin a game, but when you only start with two, that's half the party gone.

Google did mention creating tools to liberate content from waves, so I'll be looking forward to those... because I really enjoyed the time that we did get to play and I'm not ready to give up yet. My thanks go out to Quim and Matt (and Eric too, I guess, even though he bailed on the game within the first few days) for playing and being patient with a GM who overestimated the time he had for gaming.

Here's hoping that the adventures of Frederick von Wittgenstein and Kendrick Mason continue in the near future!
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